Phoenix Among Men Chapter 21

Chen Ping frowned: “I’m really the owner of this place, I have the key to the house inside!”

Chen Ping said and took the key out!

This key was the one given to Chen Ping by Su Wenzong, the key was inlaid with the golden Pan Long Bay logo, very delicate, a glance could tell the authenticity of the key.

The security guard took a look at the key and couldn’t help but look at Chen Ping twice again, “Say, where did this key come from, this is the key to the hilltop villa in Pan Long Bay, this villa is the most expensive and was bought by Master Su, how could it have come into your hands?”

When Chen Ping heard this, he was also stunned, he didn’t expect the villa Su Wenzong gave him to be the most expensive one in Pan Long Bay, this gift was really not small!

“This is what Mr. Su gave me.”

Chen Ping said truthfully.

“Nonsense, I think if you must have stolen this or picked it up, how could it be given to you!”

The guard bellowed, then waved his hand and four or five guards surrounded him.

“Keep an eye on them, I’m going to make a call!”

The security guard who had just ordered, then took the car keys and hurriedly left!

Seeing this, Chen Baoguo hurriedly pulled Tang Hongying out of the taxi, while the taxi driver was also terrified, put down Chen Ping and their things and drove off!

“Chen Ping, what’s wrong? What’s happening?”

Tang Hongying could not see and could only ask in confusion.

“Mom, it’s alright, we’ll be in in a moment, it’s just a routine check, this Pan Long Bay security is very tight.”

Chen Ping comforted Tang Hongying!

“That’s for sure, this is the best villa area in Hongcheng, mum can smell the flowers here!”

Tang Hongying was all excited!

Chen Baoguo, on the other hand, was looking at Chen Ping with an angry face, now that they were stopped and surrounded by security guards, it was obvious that something was wrong, he simply did not believe that Chen Ping would have a friend to lend him the house in Pan Long Bay.

Just at this time, a black Mercedes Benz slowly stopped in front of Chen Ping and the others.

“Aiya, isn’t this Chen Ping? Why is your family here? You even brought so many things with you, you didn’t move to live in Pan Long Bay, did you?”

The car door opened and Fu Wei stepped down from the pa*senger side, looking at Chen Ping with a sneer on his face!

Then Geng Shanshan and Jiang Wenjing also stepped down from the car!

The three of them looked at Chen Ping’s family playfully together, they had also come to Pan Long Bay for a stroll, mainly because Geng Shanshan wanted to show off the wedding house that Xiao Lei had bought in Pan Long Bay, so she had brought Fu Wei and Jiang Wenjing with her!

As a result, they happened to come across such a scene, and the three of them were just in time to see the fun!

Chen Ping swept the three people coldly and didn’t bother with them!

“What’s going on here?”

Geng Shanshan asked to a security guard.

The security guard saw that Geng Shanshan was beautifully dressed and drove a Mercedes, so he didn’t dare to offend her and said in a low voice, “This lady, these few people said they were the owners of Pan Long Bay and took out the key to the villa inside, our captain suspected that they had picked up or stolen that key, so he went to verify it.”

As soon as the guard’s words left his mouth, Geng Shanshan’s three people burst into laughter, laughing uproariously!

“Hahahaha, Chen Ping, you’re a f*cking talent, taking a villa key and running to say you’re the owner, are you stupid yourself, or do you treat others like fools?”

Fu Wei laughed, with mockery in his eyes.

“Do you know how much the villa here costs? Can you afford to buy it? Relying on your old man who sweeps the roads, he wouldn’t be able to buy you a villa here in a hundred years!”

Jiang Wenjing couldn’t help but scoff too.

“You guys hurry up and get rid of these people, especially this guy, he’s a reformed prisoner, he was only released today, if you let him in, it will affect the reputation of the community!”

Geng Shanshan said as she pointed at Chen Ping.