Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2112

Xing Jun heard this, then dodged out of the way, while Chen Ping walked towards Mr. Shi’s room!

When he reached the door of the room, Chen Ping saw that Mr. Shi was leisurely drinking tea, where was the lack of time, it was obvious that he didn’t want to see himself!

“Mr Shi, you …………”

“If you have anything to say, you can come in and talk, I don’t really like talking to people at such a distance ……”

Without waiting for Chen Ping to finish, Mr. Shi spoke up!

Once Chen Ping heard this, he then took a step towards the room!

But just as he stepped into the room, Chen Ping suddenly felt a mountainous pressure come over him, Chen Ping gritted his teeth and tried to resist the pressure, but his body then became lighter and he was directly knocked out of the room and fell heavily into the courtyard!

The hard green stone ground in the courtyard was smashed into a deep crater!

Chen Ping slowly got up and walked towards Mr. Shi’s room again. Looking at the doorway at his fingertips, Chen Ping’s body exploded with a burst of aura, and after making all the preparations, he collapsed into it with one step!

But just as he stepped in, his body was hit by a moving train and he flew out again!

This time, Chen Ping also fell in the same position as before, and the deep pit on the ground became even deeper!

Chen Ping got up and rubbed his sore chest, followed by a trace of blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth!

Chen Ping frowned and walked back again, but this time, he did not step in easily.

“Mr Shi, why did you ask Xiao Ru and Mei Er to bring me the Wordless Heavenly Book?”

“Did you know that the two of them would be captured and sent to the secret realm?”

“Now that they are both weak and unconscious, what the hell is going on here?”

Chen Ping questioned at Mr. Shi.

“If you don’t even have the ability to walk into a room, then you don’t deserve to question me, just do as I said in my letter!”

Mr Shi was still looking bland as he sipped his tea, not even glancing at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping frowned as his aura climbed once again, this time Chen Ping unleashed his Incorruptible Golden Body, golden scales covered his entire body, and the power of the divine dragon was also brought into play, behind him, a golden dragon slowly appeared!

Only this time the golden dragon that had manifested behind Chen Ping was significantly dimmer, and that majestic power had also disappeared quite a bit!

But Chen Ping himself did not know, but gritted his teeth and took another step in!

Chen Ping had just taken a step inside.

Buzz ……

A huge pressure hit Chen Ping’s body swayed twice, followed by a poof and he fell to his knees!

The ground was instantly smashed with a crack!

Gritting his teeth, Chen Ping braced his hands on the ground and surprisingly began to crawl towards the room!

But just as he moved, his body was once again sent flying!

This time, in mid-air, Chen Ping spat out a mouthful of blood!

Having just landed on the ground, Chen Ping stood up again without the slightest hesitation.

He then gritted his teeth again and charged towards Mr. Shi’s room!

Chen Ping didn’t know how many times he had charged, nor did he know how many times he had been sent flying!

By the end of the day, the unbreakable golden body on Chen Ping’s body had long since disappeared, and even his physical body was scarred ……

Chen Ping could no longer stand up, but he gritted his teeth and crawled towards Mr. Shi’s room!

Behind Chen Ping, a long trail of blood appeared!

Xing Jun couldn’t bear to look at it from the sidelines, but he didn’t dare to say anything!

Looking at Chen Ping who was crawling towards the room, Mr. Shi suddenly sighed and the intimidating pressure within the room instantly disappeared, while Chen Ping crawled straight in!

Chen Ping, who had entered the room, breathed heavily, then struggled to stand up and staggered to look at Mr. Shi!

At this time, Mr. Shi put down the cup of tea in his hand, looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled expression and asked, “You know, this time if you were to be knocked out of the room, you would probably be dead ……”