Phoenix Among Men Chapter 235

Looking at the scene in front of them, everyone was dumbfounded, that Yuan Hua was even more dumbfounded, this Chen Ping was too powerful, several people couldn’t even beat him?

Cousin Yuan Hua also didn’t expect Chen Ping to be so strong, he endured the severe pain and said, “Quickly go and invite Master Tiger!”

Soon, someone went to invite Lin Tianhu!

As soon as they heard that Lin Tianhu was coming, all the students got nervous, even though it was none of their business, that Lin Tianhu’s name made them tremble with fear!

“Brother Chen?” Chen Erga, who was holding the stool, looked towards Chen Ping and shouted.

“Erga, are you afraid?” Chen Ping asked with a faint smile.

Chen Erga gritted his teeth and shook his head, “Since we’ve come this far, there’s nothing to be afraid of, the big deal is to fight for our lives!”

Chen Ping smiled and didn’t say anything!

“Chen Ping, Master Tiger is coming, you’re dead, I’m going to kill you by a thousand cuts!”

Yuan Hua’s heart perked up as soon as he heard that he had gone to invite Lin Tianhu!

“I’ll be waiting!” Chen Ping finished and sat straight back down, a very calm expression on his face!

On the other hand, Lin Tianhu was waiting for Chen Ping on the third floor, but he didn’t see him come for a long time, and he didn’t dare to call again to urge him, so he could only keep waiting!

“Master Tiger, something has happened downstairs, someone is causing trouble in the box and has beaten Brother Biao!”

A waiter hurriedly ran to a box on the third floor and said after Lin Tianhu.

“D*mn it, what kind of person dares to come to my restaurant and cause trouble? Is it someone from the Red Dragon Gang?”

As soon as Lin Tianhu heard this, he immediately stood up and hurriedly walked towards the stairs!

“Not sure, I heard it was very strong!”

The waiter replied.

Lin Tianhu frowned, if the strength was very strong, it was obvious that they were coming over to look for trouble, right now, apart from the Red Dragon Gang, no one dared to cause trouble in his territory, Feng Sihai had just suffered a loss a few days ago, so it wasn’t impossible for them to come over and cause trouble at this time!

Soon, Lin Tianhu reached the box on the first floor and kicked the door open, just as he was about to curse angrily, he caught a glimpse of Chen Ping sitting there, and the next thing he knew, Lin Tianhu’s body shook!

“Master Tiger, he …………”

Cousin Yuan Hua stood up with difficulty and was about to say something to Lin Tianhu, but he saw that Lin Tianhu didn’t even look at him and walked straight towards Chen Ping!

Seeing Lin Tianhu walking towards Chen Ping, that Yuan Hua’s face just smiled, “Chen Ping, just wait for Master Tiger to get you killed!”

As soon as Yuan Hua’s words fell, he saw Lin Tianhu walk up to Chen Ping and respectfully shouted, “Mr. Chen!”

Chen Ping didn’t say anything, he just put his teacup down and Lin Tianhu immediately poured the tea full!

At this moment, everyone froze once again, their eyes going wide with shock!

Just now Xiao Lei had come and stood beside Chen Ping like a subordinate, and now Lin Tianhu had come and still had the same attitude.

They really couldn’t understand just how bullying Chen Ping was!

And that Yuan Hua and his cousin were straight up dumbfounded!

“Master Tiger …… Tiger, this gentleman is?”

Yuan Hua’s cousin was not stupid, he immediately saw that something was not right and hurriedly walked over!

“Biaozi, how many years have you been with me?”

Lin Tianhu didn’t answer him, but asked out loud.

“Master Tiger, five …… five years now!”

Biaozi’s heart trembled and he stumbled in reply.

“Five years, that’s really not a short time!” Lin Tianhu was full of calmness as he patted Biaozi’s shoulder!

This time, that Biaozi was scared silly and directly knelt down for Lin Tianhu!

He had followed Lin Tianhu for five years and knew that the more calm Lin Tianhu was, the stronger his killing intent proved to be!

“Master Tiger spare my life, Master Tiger spare my life …………”

Biaozi kept on kowtowing to Lin Tianhu!

Lin Tianhu, however, was unmoved and directly took out a sharp dagger and threw it onto the ground, “Break your hand!”

Biaozi looked at the dagger on the ground and after hesitating for a moment, he directly picked it up and slashed down viciously!