Phoenix Among Men Chapter 237

In the middle of the backyard, there was a large stone with a few words carved on it, which Lin Tianhu had paid for.

“You swing a fist towards the stone and see!”

Chen Ping said as he pointed at the big stone.

Lin Tianhu didn’t hesitate and smashed his fist fiercely on top of the stone!

Ka …………

With this punch, the stone actually cracked straight down the middle!

“This …………”

Lin Tianhu looked at his fist, his entire body was shocked, this fist was able to crack a mountain and a stone, I’m afraid it had the strength of a thousand jin!

“With one punch now, you can easily kill a cow, so that Feng Sihai’s hard qigong is a joke in front of you, remember one thing, in front of absolute strength, there is no such thing as hard qigong!”

Chen Ping patted Lin Tianhu’s shoulder and said.

Lin Tianhu said with a look of excitement, “Hall Master, is there any more? Give me two more!”

He had only taken one Power Gathering Pill and his strength had become so great, if he took two more, how much more would it be?

Chen Ping gave Lin Tianhu a blank look and said, “The herbs needed for this pill are extremely expensive and hard to find, and it took a lot of my spiritual energy to make the pill, and you still want to take two more!”

Lin Tianhu heard, scratched his head and said with a smile: “This pill is really great, if it is taken to the market, I am afraid that there are people who want one for ten million, you know that nowadays all people are martial artists, many people in order to become ancient martial artists, do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to ask a master, and buy all kinds of auxiliary herbs, that Feng Sihai was able to study under Ye Fengchun, I heard that it cost two hundred million. ”

“Two hundred million?” Chen Ping couldn’t help but be secretly surprised, just the two tricks Feng Sihai learned, still need two hundred million?

Lin Tianhu could instantly break his so-called hard qi kung fu by directly eating one of his own pills, so wouldn’t this pill of his own be worth more than two hundred million!

Chen Ping’s eyes lit up as if he had found a way to make money!

“Lin Tianhu, if I practice some elixirs, will you be able to sell them?”

Chen Ping asked as he turned to Lin Tianhu.

“Hall Master, if you refine it, how good would it be for our own people to eat it, why would you even sell it? If you are short of money, we have a commercial street under the name of Gathering Hall, we can earn a lot of money a year!”

Lin Tianhu didn’t understand why Chen Ping would sell such a good elixir!

If this was bought by a rival, wouldn’t that be finding trouble for himself!

“I’m not selling this power gathering elixir, the herbs needed for this elixir are too precious and it also consumes spiritual energy, I’m refining some simple small rejuvenating elixir that can nourish the mind and prolong life, there’s also an important function that can rejuvenate men!” Chen Ping followed Lin Tianhu’s explanation, and then asked, “Now that commercial street, how much benefit can it generate every year?”

“Two hundred million, but since the Gathering Hall also needs a lot of money to maintain, what can be left is only a few tens of millions!”

Lin Tianhu said after a little thought.

When Chen Ping heard this, he shook his head slightly, “I need a lot of money to buy herbs now, maybe billions, or tens of billions, so relying on this commercial street of yours, that would take until the end of the monkey’s age to earn!”

“Tens of billions!” Lin Tianhu sucked in a breath of cold air, “Hall Master, how do you need so much money?”

Chen Ping did not hide anything from Lin Tianhu and said truthfully, “I need spiritual energy for my cultivation, and even at the top of Mount Pan Long, the spiritual energy is too thin, there is no way to improve my strength, so I need a large amount of precious medicinal materials to refine a spirit gathering pill to aid my cultivation!”

“Oh!” Lin Tianhu nodded with seeming understanding, his eyebrows slightly furrowed, “This is something that even if I gave you the entire Su family, I wouldn’t be able to scrape together so much money.”

“What do you mean? Do I look like a man who spends a woman’s money to you?” Chen Ping glared!

“Not like that, not like that, how could our Heavenly Dragon Hall’s Hall Master, let a woman keep him!”

Lin Tianhu hurriedly shook his head!