Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2443

Inside the Devil’s Heart Sect!

Ning Zhi knelt in front of the great power, his face ashen!

This blow had caused Ning Zhi to no longer have that essence, his entire being was as demented as if he was demented!

The ambition he had at the beginning had long since disappeared!

He thought that after his training in the abyss of hell, he would be invincible and would be able to defeat Chen Ping easily!

But the truth was just the opposite, he was beaten by Chen Ping without a fight!

Ning Zhi kept his head down as he awaited the punishment of the mighty!

And the Great Power looked at Ning Zhi’s dishevelled look, and his expression was as cold as frost!

“Great Power, now that this Ning Zhi is quenching in the Hell Abyss, he is still no match for that Chen Ping, what should we do?”

“The time for the Aura Recovery Grand Formation to activate is coming up, if we can’t subdue that Chen Ping, I’m afraid that after the Grand Formation activates, that Chen Ping will definitely cause trouble.”

The devil amba*sador whispered to the great power!

“It seems that I have overestimated the power of the Inferno Demon Body, but things have come to this, we can only think of a way to quickly raise Ning Zhi’s cultivation level.”

The great power said slowly!

“Great Power, even if we take out all the resources of the Demon Heart Sect, within such a short period of time, that Ning Zhi is afraid that he will not be able to refine it at all.”

The devil amba*sador said!

“The resources can’t be refined, then we’ll give him ready-made strength and let him absorb the strength of others to improve ……”

The great power turned his head to look at the devil amba*sador!

This startled the Demon Envoy, and with a poof he knelt down in front of the great power, fearing that he would be the one absorbed by Ning Zhi!

Looking at the demon amba*sador’s frightened look, the great power continued to speak “You don’t need to be afraid, this strength of yours, I don’t see it yet, I’ll give you something now, go and do it right now ……”

The most important thing is that you can’t be afraid of the people that you are going to be able to get to know.

After hearing this, the devil amba*sador nodded, turned around and quickly left!

The Great Power glanced at Ning Zhi and waved his hand, “You should also go down, without my permission, you are not allowed to go looking for that Chen Ping.”

Ning Zhi did not say anything, but slowly got up, turned his head and left!

Looking at Ning Zhi’s back, Da Neng was furious, if it wasn’t for Ning Zhi’s Inferno Demon body, he would have slapped him to death!

Just shortly after Ning Zhi left, Yu Qian and his six purple-robed emissaries returned!

“Didn’t I tell you guys to trap that Chen Ping? Why have you returned?”

The great power asked.

“Great Power, we have used the Immortal Trapping Formation to trap Chen Ping, it is impossible for him to escape.”

Yu Qian stepped forward and said “Now that Chen Ping is trapped, I hope that the Great Power can let us return to the secret realm and meet our families, after all, we came in a hurry and didn’t say goodbye to them.”

“I have sent someone to invite your families, it won’t take more than two days to meet them, you can just wait in peace!”

“The most urgent task is to ensure that the Aura Recovery Formation is activated, as long as the Aura is recovered, the size of the secular world will be yours to roam, there will be no more secret realms then.”

The great power said to the several purple-robed messengers!

Upon hearing this, the several purple-robed messengers hurriedly thanked each other, they didn’t expect that the Great Power would send someone to fetch their families!

After the several purple-robed messengers left, the Great Power flicked his palm and a black hole instantly appeared in mid-air!

After a ripple pa*sed through the black hole, four masked men unexpectedly walked out of the black hole!

The four men were also carrying a coffin, a vermillion coffin that looked very thick!

Only around the coffin were many complex runes carved, and several yellow talismans, attached to the coffin!

It was as if there was some kind of demon sealed inside the coffin!

The four masked men placed the coffin in front of the great power, and then one of them took out a token and handed it to the great power!

The great power took the token and punched a breath into the token, which glowed with a red light!

As the red light flickered, the coffin began to tremble, and a terrifying aura emanated from within!

The four masked men merely looked at it for a moment, then turned around and reentered the black hole!

And as the great power looked at the token in his hand and the coffin in front of him, his whole being became very excited.