Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2524

“What the …… hell is going on here?”

Ally asked, baffled!

“Could it be that a more advanced demonic beast is coming and has scared those demonic wolves away?”

The older Boulder Village villager said!

“That should be the case, or else why would these demon wolves have fled in such a hurry!”

One of the Boulder Village villagers echoed!

“There aren’t any high-level demonic beasts at all, these demonic wolves must have been scared away by Brother Chen Ping!”

Pillar said loudly!

Although he didn’t know exactly how Chen Ping had scared away the demon wolves, he had now long ago treated Chen Ping as an omnipotent person.

“Alright, let’s not dwell on who scared away, now let’s also get out of here while the demon wolves are running away, if the demon wolf pack comes back, or if there are more advanced demon beasts, then we’ll be in trouble!”

Ally ordered the crowd to get out of here in a hurry!

“Brother Ah Li, what about these demon wolf corpses? These demon wolf corpses can be sold for quite a lot of money, it’s too bad to just leave them like this!”

A villager from Bashi Village said!

The crowd looked at the demon wolf corpses and felt very sorry for them too!

In fact, Ah Li also knew that these demon wolf carca*ses could be sold for a lot of money, but they were all wounded now, so there was no way they could take these demon wolf carca*ses away, and the demon wolves that had left might come back at any time, so they didn’t have time to take the demon wolf beast pellets!

“No, leave the green hills to burn, if we all die here, more demon wolf corpses will be useless to us, get out of here ……”

Ally said loudly!

Seeing this, the crowd could only look away fondly and prepare to leave!

“Brother Ah Li, Brother Chen Ping has a storage ring, he’ll be able to take all these demon wolf corpses away!”

At this moment, Pillar said to Ah Li!

“A storage ring?” Ah Li was stunned, then looked at Chen Ping and said “You have a storage ring?”

Chen Ping nodded and said, “I do!”

A Li looked at Chen Ping incredulously, he didn’t expect Chen Ping to have such a treasure as a storage ring, he knew that in the Celestial Realm, there weren’t many treasures like storage rings!

“I really didn’t expect that you would have such a treasure on you, so are you willing to help us take the demon wolf corpse away?”

Ally asked!

“No problem.” Chen Ping smiled lightly, followed by a wave of his palm, and those demon wolf corpses instantly went to the storage ring.

When the crowd saw that the demon wolf corpses were really gone, they all looked at Chen Ping happily, and their attitude towards him was changing!

After all, Chen Ping was an outsider, and although he had lived in Boulder Village for many days, many of the villagers of Boulder Village still had a certain amount of hostility towards Chen Ping!

But now that Chen Ping had a storage ring and had helped them take the demon wolf carca*s away, they were all very grateful!

“Alright, let’s set off ……”

Ah Li led the crowd and began to return the same way.

“Yun’er, are you alright? Can you still walk?”

Chen Ping saw that Yun’er was injured and asked with concern!

“Brother Chen Ping, I’m fine, I can walk!”

Yun’er said shaking her head!

Ali and his group were all injured, so they weren’t travelling very fast, and at this point some people started to sigh and sigh.

“This time, although we have survived death and got so many demon wolf corpses, but if we want to heal these wounds on our bodies, I’m afraid selling these demon wolf corpses won’t be enough!”

When someone said this, the crowd who had gotten so many demon wolf corpses were in a sinking mood!

“This group of pill masters are simply eating people without spitting out their bones, their pills are simply too expensive!”

“I’d rather endure it myself without seeing it, the big deal is to resist for a few more days, the wounds on my body will heal slowly after all.”

The older Boulder Village villager said!

“Uncle Liu, don’t say that, wounds can easily get infected, especially those caused by demonic beasts, have you forgotten that last year my eldest uncle was bitten by a demonic beast and was too distressed about the money to seek medical treatment and ended up dying?”

Pillar said to the older Boulder Village villager!