Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2556

Feeling the killing intent from Princess Isha, Chen Ping could only leave resentfully and return to his room!

Lying on his bed, Chen Ping digested the contents of the beast book he had just read and unknowingly fell asleep!

Early the next morning!

A palanquin, decorated with gold and incomparably luxurious, was slowly carried in from the entrance of the city!

When everyone in the city saw the palanquin, they stood on either side of it, motionless, their eyes filled with reverence!

Inside the palanquin was the highest leader of the city, the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

Behind Demon Emperor Ikh’s palanquin, there was another palanquin, which was second only to the Demon Emperor’s!

And sitting in this palanquin was an old man, whose eyes were slightly closed as he enjoyed this high standard of treatment!

“Who is that palanquin at the back? How can he be qualified to sit in the same palanquin as the Demon Emperor?”

“This must be an honoured guest invited by the Demon Emperor, can’t you see that the Demon Emperor himself went out of town to invite him yesterday.”

“I heard that the Demon Emperor had gone out to invite the Medicine Master, could it be a Medicine Master sitting inside?”

“What kind of strength of medicine master is qualified to sit in a palanquin and have the demon emperor personally invite him?”


The people on both sides of the street were talking and speculating about the identity of the person inside the sedan chair behind them!

When the palanquin entered the palace, the Demon Emperor personally invited the old man out!

“Sovereign Hu, please …………”

The Demon Emperor had a very humble attitude, and didn’t have that condescending look!

On the contrary, the old man had a condescending demeanor, slightly foreheaded, and stepped out from the palanquin!

Elder Pei, who had been greeted at the palace long ago, was filled with excitement and his body trembled slightly after seeing the person that the Ichthus Demon Emperor had invited down.

“Daughter, you’re saved, this time you’re saved ……”

Elder Pei muttered!

But when he saw the Demon Emperor’s humble attitude, Elder Pei was inwardly moved, knowing that as a Demon Emperor, a towering figure, he was now so humble, and for the sake of saving his daughter!

At this moment, Elder Pei had already made up his mind that he would repay the Demon Emperor’s kindness with his death in this life!

“Father …………”

Princess Isha saw her father returning and hurriedly ran over to him.

At this moment, Princess Isha was a little impatient for the demon emperor to go and see Chen Ping, if she could break the restrictions of the human-beast marriage, then she could also follow the human and talk about love!

“Isha, this is Patriarch Hu of the Jade Tripod Sect, it’s a blessing for our Imperial City that Patriarch Hu is able to visit us.”

“Talk to Patriarch Hu properly when you have the chance later, and let Patriarch Hu refine a few face-perfecting pills for you, so that you don’t have to talk about how fast you’re getting old all day.”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor looked lovingly at his daughter and said with a smile!

Princess Isha, upon hearing this, hurriedly saluted towards Sovereign Hu and said, “Good day Sovereign Hu ……”

“En!” The patriarch was still slightly foreheaded, with an attitude of superiority!

Princess Isha was somewhat dissatisfied with the attitude of that Patriarch Hu, but the other party was after all invited by her own father, and Princess Isha could not say anything.

“Father, I have something for you, I have brought you someone and would like you to ……”

Princess Isha wanted to ask the Ichthus Demon Emperor to see Chen Ping, but before she could finish her sentence, the Ichthus Demon Emperor waved his hand and said “I have to take Sovereign Hu to do my business first, we will talk about your matter afterwards!”

After saying this, Emperor Yih led Patriarch Hu towards the palace, with Elder Pei excitedly following behind him!

Demon Emperor Yih kept taking Patriarch Hu to Elder Pei’s daughter’s room, and when the door was pushed open, the entire room was filled with the strong smell of medicine!

At this moment, on the bed, a girl with a thin figure, pale face and slightly closed eyes was lying on it!

The girl’s breath was very faint and she looked like she might die at any moment!

“Sovereign Hu, this is our Elder Pei’s daughter, we have already hired many pharmacists, but we have not been able to see her well, so I would like to ask Sovereign Hu to help!”

Demon Emperor Yih said in a slightly pleading tone!