Phoenix Among Men Chapter 258

“Mom and Dad, I’ll pour it for you, this wine is not cheap, if it wasn’t for my family, Li Lei, how would I have had the chance to drink this limited edition Moutai wine!”

Chen Jiayao said, opening the bottle and pouring it for Li Shuzhen and Chen Baoqiang.

“Sister, give me a gla*s to try, I’ve never had one either!”

Chen Zhi hurriedly picked up the gla*s of wine and followed Chen Jiayao with a playful smile on his face.

“Go aside, what kind of wine do children drink!”

Chen Jiayao glared at Chen Zhi, then poured it for both Li Lei and herself!

“Brother-in-law, please control my sister ……”

Chen Zhi looked at Li Lei with a look of help!

“Hahahaha ……” Li Lei laughed, “Pour a cup for Xiao Zhi, this kind of wine will be gone after you drink it, and it won’t be possible to produce it in the future!”

“Thank you brother-in-law!” Once Chen straight heard this, he happily took the bottle and poured it himself!

All five members of Chen Baoqiang’s family poured the Moutai wine, except for Chen Ping’s family!

Tang Hongying was fine, after all, she didn’t drink either, and Chen Ping was distracted at the moment!

Only Chen Baoguo licked his lips, his heart already craving for it, but the wine was given to Li Lei, Chen Baoguo wanted to drink it, but he couldn’t just ask for it if they wouldn’t pour it.

Looking at Chen Baoguo’s appearance, Chen Baoqiang’s family all showed a few sneers.

“Chen Zhi, quickly pour some wine for your uncle, although this wine was given to your brother-in-law by Master Hu, but this meal was invited by your uncle, we should also let people taste it!”

Li Shuzhen raised her eyebrows towards Chen Zhi and said with words in her mouth.

“Got it!” Chen Zhi picked up the bottle of wine and said to Chen Baoguo, “Eldest Uncle, let me pour you some wine, if you don’t drink it this time, I’m afraid you won’t be able to drink it for the rest of your life!”

Chen Baoguo wanted not to eat the food in contempt, but the fragrance of the wine was so strong that Chen Baoguo did not hold back and reached over with the gla*s!

Seeing this, Chen Zhi raised the corner of his mouth and ordered a few drops of wine in Chen Baoguo’s gla*s!

“This wine is too expensive, just these few drops are afraid to cost thousands of dollars, so forget it if you taste it, Uncle!”

Chen Zhi finished and put the bottle down!

Looking at the pitiful amount of wine inside the gla*s, Chen Baoguo finally opened his mouth and drank it down, even tasting it back!

As expected of a limited edition Maotai wine, the wine smells too good!

“Hahahaha …………”

Seeing Chen Baoguo like that, everyone all burst out laughing!

“Sit down, look at your no-good look!”

Tang Hongying was so angry that she pulled Chen Baoguo back to his seat!

Chen Baoguo was good at everything, but he was a bit obsessed with wine, he drank a few sips almost every day!

“Come on, let’s drink too!”

Li Lei picked up his gla*s of wine and drank it all in one go!

Soon, the two bottles of wine were at the bottom, while Chen Baoqiang’s family were talking and laughing, and as for Chen Ping’s family, they were simply ignored!

A mobile phone rang, Li Lei took out his phone and found it was a message from his father!

“Little Lei, is it from your father? Mayor Ling and the others have arrived, right?”

Chen Baoqiang hurriedly asked.

“Well, they’ve arrived, they’re at the Imperial Hall, my dad asked us to go over to ……”

Li Lei nodded his head.

As soon as Chen Baoqiang heard this, his hands trembled slightly, to be able to follow a hand of the city and sit at a table for a drink, that was an honor for him!

“Then don’t delay, let’s hurry up!”

Chen Baoqiang lifted his gla*s of wine and said with an anxious look on his face!

“Dad, I’m going too, I’ve never had a drink with such a big leader before!”

Chen Zhi picked up his gla*s and also stood up!

“What are kids going for? Stay here honestly!”

Chen Baoqiang glared at Chen Zhi!

He was afraid that Chen Zhi’s mouth would be unstoppable, and when he offended Ling Zhenchuan, it would be troublesome, knowing that people who could follow the first hand of the city to drink, where there would be ordinary people.

“Dad, let Chen Zhi go along, it will be good for the future if he sees more of the world!”

Li Lei advised to Chen Baoqiang.

“Alright then, remember, when you get there, don’t say anything!”

Chen Baoqiang barked at Chen Zhi!