Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2602

“Good, I want to work with you, I know you’ve always wanted to annex the Ichthus Demon Emperor’s Demon Emperor City, I can help you accomplish that.”

Hu Yixiao said as he looked at King Li!

King Li looked up and down at Hu Yixiao and didn’t say anything for a while, before saying a moment later “Sovereign Hu, you’ve misunderstood, how could I want to annex Ihe Demon Emperor’s Demon Emperor’s City, Ihe Demon Emperor even told me some time ago that he wanted to marry his daughter to my son, then we would be in-laws.”

Hu Yixiao smiled lightly “King Li, it’s just you and me here, so why pretend? To be honest, that Yih Demon Emperor has offended me, and I want to clean him up.”

“If you agree to cooperate with me, I can refine pills and all kinds of resources for you for free, when the time comes, if our two strong families join forces, who else is a rival in this region!”

“If you still want to conquer, my Jade Tripod Sect will also absolutely support you, maybe you can unify the entire beast race with the support of our Jade Tripod Sect, at that time, you can be the god of the beast race.”

Hu Yixiao kept luring King Li, for in the hearts of all these people, there existed a dream of unifying the beast race!

Nowadays, the beast race is divided and spread over a large area in the Celestial Realm, and the three emperors and four kings do not get along with each other, and there is also friction from time to time!

This is especially true for Ikh’s Demon City and Ming Li’s City, as the two territories are in the same region, so there is more friction, which is why Ikh’s Demon King wanted to marry his daughter to Ming Li’s City, in order to ease the relationship between the two sides!

The Knight King was silent, he had long had the intention of annexing the Ikh Demon Emperor, as for asking for the head of the entire beast race, that was something that every demon cultivator would have visions of!

After a moment, King Li looked at Hu Yixiao and said, “Sovereign Hu, what do you want from helping me so much? You’re not doing it for charity, are you?”

King Li knew that Hu Yixiao must have an agenda, otherwise he wouldn’t have helped him!

“To be honest, I helped you deal with the Ichthus Demon Emperor because I wanted to get someone.”

Hu Yixiao said.

“Want to get someone?” King Li froze, then looked strangely at Hu Yixiao “Patriarch Hu, you don’t have your eye on Yih’s daughter, do you? You want to play with his daughter and he is unwilling, so you join forces with me to deal with him and then get his daughter?”

“Cough cough cough …………”

Hearing King Li’s words, Hu Yixiao almost lost his breath and hurriedly said “King Li is joking, how could I, Hu, be that kind of person ……”

The king of Li skimmed his mouth, Hu Yixiao this guy is known as a big pervert, but also a perverted pervert kind of thing, this is many people know things!

Every time they asked the Jade Tripod Sect to help refine pills, in addition to sending a large number of herbs, they had to send young and beautiful beauties to do so, and every time these beauties were sent back, they were all bruised and beaten by the perverted Hu Yixiao!

Now that Hu Yixiao said he wasn’t that kind of person, how could King Li believe him!

Seeing that King Li didn’t believe him, Hu Yixiao could only explain, “I wanted to capture a guy called Chen Ping, but this guy has the Ikh Demon Emperor behind him, and I don’t know if the Ikh Demon Emperor has taken the wrong medicine, but he would go out of his way to offend me for such a hairy kid.”

When King Li heard that it was because of this, he nodded and said, “Sovereign Hu, I can work with you, whatever you need me to do, just say so.”

Seeing King Li’s agreement, Hu Yixiao was full of joy and said “King Li, in order to show my sincerity, I will stay and personally refine a batch of pills for your Ming Li King City, but when the time comes that I need your help, you can’t stand by with your hands folded!”

“Don’t worry Sovereign Hu, since the two of us are already working together, I will listen to you all ……”

King Li stated clearly!

“Good …… hahaha ……”

Hu Yi Xiao laughed uproariously and shook hands after King Li!