Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2740

Demon Emperor City!

Huben was released from inside the water prison!

And Huben invited the Demon Emperor Ikh and Princess Isha to dinner at his residence!

“Dad, this Huben was punished by you, why is he still inviting us to dinner? Doesn’t he hold a grudge against you?”

Princess Isha asked in disbelief!

“Maybe he himself feels that what he did was wrong and wants to have a meal and apologise!”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor said!

“I always feel that this Huben seems to have changed, and that Li Xing, who left without even a word of greeting!”

Princess Isha said with a slight frown!

“Come on, don’t be suspicious, that Huben has been with me for many years, I know what kind of person he is, I know him too well, this guy is just reckless, he doesn’t have that much heart.”

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made him the Grand General of Guards for so many years, it’s a very important position!”

“Huben is just casually inviting you and me to dinner, it will be fine!”

Ikh Demon Emperor said with a smile!

“I hope so, I always feel like this is a Hongmen Banquet!”

Princess Isha said!

“Hahahaha, what Hongmen Banquet, this is in Demon Emperor City, does anyone else dare to harm me!”

Demon Emperor Yih laughed out loud.

This was his Demon Emperor City, who could harm him in his territory?

Seeing this, Isha said nothing more, perhaps she was really thinking too much, that Huben shouldn’t have any mischievous intentions!

The Ikh Demon Emperor led Isha to Huben’s residence!

Huben had been waiting at the entrance for a long time, and when he saw that Ichthus the Demon Emperor and Isha had arrived, he greeted them with a face full of excitement!

“Demon Emperor, I’m so happy that you’ve come, I was afraid that I had done something wrong and upset the Demon Emperor and the Princess, and that you wouldn’t come to show your appreciation!”

Huben said with a humble face!

“How can that be, you and I have been master and servant for many years, I also know your character, you just tend to rush to, in the future, you must consider the consequences before you do anything.”

Ikh Demon Emperor patted Huben’s shoulder and said!

“The demon emperor is right to teach me a lesson, I will definitely keep it in mind, hurry up inside please ……”

Huben made a gesture of invitation!

Demon Emperor Yih and Princess Isha walked into Huben’s mansion, a table of delicacies had already been set up!

Ikh Demon Emperor was very happy with the meal and even drank some wine after him!

Princess Isha was wary at first, but when she saw that nothing was wrong, she let her guard down!

After they had had their fill of wine and food, the demon emperor and the princess left Huben’s residence!

It was only when they returned to the palace that Princess Isha’s heart was completely at ease!

“Isha, I told you it would be fine, that Huben is loyal and could not possibly harm me.”

“Go back to bed, I’m going to rest too!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor staggered back to his room, obviously a little drunk!

Seeing this, Princess Isha also went back to her room!

And at that moment, at the Huben residence, Huben looked coldly in the direction of the palace, a cold glint in his eyes!

At that moment, a figure slowly appeared and said to the Tiger Gang, “Brother Huben, how is it? Did you get it?”

“Brother Li Xing, don’t worry, I’ve already put that medicine inside the meal and let the Demon Emperor and Princess eat it.”

“Tomorrow their medicine will take effect!”

Huben said with a cold smile!

“That’s good, the people I brought are also ready to take position, tomorrow as soon as their medicine kicks in, I will lead my men to attack this Demon Emperor City, by then Brother Huben will act as an inside man, and this Demon Emperor City will be ours!”

Li Xing said with an excited face!

“En, tomorrow I will have my believer prepare, as long as there is anyone who dares to disobey my orders, kill without amnesty ……”

A cold glint in Huben’s eyes, the already blackened Huben, treating his own people, also open become cruel beyond compare!

Li Xing laughed, then his figure slowly disappeared into the darkness!