Phoenix Among Men Chapter 280

Su Yuqi was feeding the fish at the fish pond, a little distracted!

“Yuqi, you haven’t seen Chen Ping for two days, so you’re distracted?”

Su Wenzong smiled slightly when he saw that look on Su Yuqi’s face.

“Dad, what are you talking nonsense, I don’t want to see him!”

Su Yuqi retorted, but finished with a mutter, “This D*mn Chen Ping, if I don’t go to him, he won’t look for me even once!”

Su Wen Zong laughed and didn’t say anything, knowing his daughter like a father, Su Wen Zong knew what Su Yu Qi was thinking!

At that moment, Chen Ping walked in!

Upon seeing Chen Ping, Su Yuqi’s face was happy and she hurriedly greeted him, “Chen Ping, are you here to see me?”

Looking at Su Yuqi who ran over, Chen Ping shook his head, “I’m looking for uncle to discuss something!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yuqi’s face instantly turned ugly as she glared fiercely at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping gave a smile, “Just messing around with you, of course I’m looking for you.”

Su Yuqi hit Chen Ping’s shoulder fiercely, “Who cares about you looking!”

Su Yuqi said and ran away!

“Hahahaha, Chen Ping, come and sit down!”

Su Wenzong laughed and waved towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping and Su Wenzong sat in the gazebo and told Su Wenzong about the Little Returning Pill, and Su Wenzong agreed without hesitation, and even ordered his men to set up a special department to promote the operation!

After all, Chen Ping was the future aunt of his family, and if his aunt had a request, he, as his father-in-law, would have to help out!

Chen Ping followed Su Wenzong until noon, originally Su Wenzong wanted to let Chen Ping have dinner before leaving, but Chen Ping was in a hurry to go back to refine the Small Returning Pill, so he didn’t stay!

“D*mn Chen Ping, I’m ignoring you …………”

Su Yuqi, who had been waiting for Chen Ping to finish chatting and talk with her, roared in anger when she saw that Chen Ping had actually left!

For three days in a row, Chen Ping didn’t go out, either cultivating or refining the Small Returning Pill, Lin Tianhu would regularly send herbs up to Chen Ping, fortunately the herbs needed for the Small Returning Pill were all ordinary, but even so, the entire Hong City’s herbs were almost bought up by Lin Tianhu, and he had to go to other cities to purchase them!

“Xiao Lei, can you f*cking do something? It’s been three days and there’s no movement at all?”

Sitting on top of the Rolls Royce, Wei Tao was holding Geng Shanshan in one arm and his mobile phone in the other, growling at Xiao Lei!

It had been three days, and Xiao Lei had been told to kidnap Su Yuqi, but there was still no movement at all!

Xiao Lei was also in a difficult position at this time, crying inside the phone, “Mr. Wei, I …… can’t do anything about it, that Su Yuqi hasn’t gone out at all these days, and I haven’t been able to find a chance, so I can’t just go to her house and kidnap her!”

“sh*t, I don’t f*cking care, you won’t find a way to get her to go out? If you can’t do it, you’re no longer needed, a waste ……”

Wei Tao was furious, couldn’t even handle this little thing, he felt how high he thought of this Xiao Lei!

“No, no, no ……” Xiao Lei was so scared that he hurriedly a*sured, “Sir Wei, don’t worry, I will definitely kidnap that Su Yuqi today, but I need that Geng Shanshan’s help!”

“How can I get her to help you?” Wei Tao was stunned!

“Sir Wei, have Geng Shanshan call that Su Yuqi and ask her to meet her, say it’s about Chen Ping, that Su Yuqi will definitely fall for it, then we can kidnap Su Yuqi unnoticed!”

Xiao Lei explained!

Wei Tao looked at Geng Shanshan beside him before he spoke, “Okay, I’ll send her there now!”

After sending Geng Shanshan over, Wei Tao left, it wasn’t appropriate for him to appear with Xiao Lei, after all, this matter of kidnapping Su Yuqi, it was best if he could stay out of it!

“Give me that Su Yuqi’s phone number!”

Geng Shanshan glanced at Xiao Lei and said with a toe in the air!