Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2847

Seeing this, several guards hurriedly took out their weapons and surrounded Chen Ping!

Seeing this, the three monstrous thieves rushed to protect Chen Ping around!

They couldn’t let anything happen to Chen Ping, if something happened to him, then something would happen to them!

“You three stand down, these guards won’t do anything to me.”

Chen Ping said with a clear mind!

Seeing this, the three monstrous thieves retreated!

One of the guards turned to Chen Ping and said, “How dare you fight in Jialing County, are you tired of living?”

The guard was very arrogant, after all, he saw that Chen Ping was only a second class member of the Harmony Realm, and he was still in the outer city, so he was not a person of status at all!

“Which one of your eyes saw me fighting privately? I didn’t fight privately and I didn’t hit anyone.”

Chen Ping said!

“Someone has already sued you, and you still want to deny it, not to mention that the aura that was just emitted has also been caught by us long ago, don’t think that we can deny it just because we can’t see it.”

The guard said in a stern voice!

“Then I’m still suing them, they’re the ones who beat me up?”

Chen Ping said with an air of playfulness!

“Chen Ping, you don’t need to be sophomoric, so many people are watching, they can all testify that it was you who hit our gongzi, and our gongzi didn’t even fight back!”

“And when you did it, your breath was already exposed, do you think these few poor masters are so easily fooled?”

When Shi Tieqiao finished speaking, he walked up to the guards and said with a smile on his face, “Masters, this guy is too bad, he broke the rules of Jialing County, and he even denied it, you can’t let him off lightly!”

As Shi Tieqiao said that, he even took out some spirit coins and gave them to the guards!

The guards received the coins with smiles on their faces, “Don’t worry, Elder Shi, no one who dares to fight in our Jia Ling County will be forgiven lightly.”

“I’ll arrest him now, but I still need your Ji Gongzi to follow him, as soon as the injuries are examined, it’s useless for him to defend himself!”

These guards all seemed to know people from the Flying Sky Clan, after all, the Flying Sky Clan was considered a big clan in the neighbourhood!

“That’s no problem, we’ll cooperate completely!”

Shi Tieqiao nodded his head repeatedly!

“Kid, come with us, if you break our rules, then you will be punished!”

A guard said and stepped forward and snapped Chen Ping’s shoulders!

“Stop it ……”

Just then, a cold cry suddenly came out, followed by Lord Yan’s figure appearing!

“Lord Yan …………”

Seeing Lord Yan, the hurried guards rushed to baggage!

Even Ji Yun of that Flying Sky Sect and Shi Tieqiao and the others, including the others in the courtyard, all respectfully shouted out to Lord Yan!

After all, in this County of Jialing, apart from the Lord of Jialing, it was Lord Yan who had the most power!

Many people had never seen the county lord before, but they could see this Lord Yan!

“What’s going on?” Lord Yan asked to the guard!

“In reply to Lord Yan, this fellow is having a private fight in our Jia Ling County City, I am preparing to arrest him!”

The guard said!

“You saw him fight privately with your own eyes?” Lord Yan asked!

“Er ……” The guard was stunned “That’s not true, but there are witnesses, many people saw him strike the Ji Gongzi of the Flying Sky Sect.”

“Lord Yan, this fellow did strike at our gongzi, our gongzi’s face and body still has bruises on it now!”

Shi Tieqiao hurriedly said!

Lord Yan looked at Chen Ping, who said with a relaxed look on his face “Lord Yan, how come you, the guards of Jia Ling County, are still collecting spirit coins? In front of so many people, they collected spirit coins from the Flying Heaven Clan, so of course they will go along with the people of the Flying Heaven Clan.”

“Anyway, I just didn’t have a private fight, and I didn’t do it ……”

“But since Lord Yan is here, I happen to borrow some spirit coins from Lord Yan to spend.”

“How much to borrow!” Lord Yan asked!

“One hundred million spirit coins.” Chen Ping said as he held out a hand!