Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2858

After Liu Ruyan and the others had retreated, Chen Ping’s eyes instantly flashed red, followed by a drop of essence blood being forced out of his forehead!

The drop of essence blood turned into a burst of blood-red mist that enveloped Chen Ping’s body!

Under this blood-red mist, Chen Ping’s body began to swell up!

Chen Ping knew that he had to take on a desperate stance now, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to deter his opponent at all!

Because the difference in strength was so great, if he let these people take the storage ring away, Chen Ping knew that they would also be sure to die!

After all, those treasures in the storage ring would be enough to drive anyone crazy!

“Kid, you want to explode yourself?”

Old Kong frowned slightly when he saw this stance of Chen Ping!

“Not bad, since you are forcing me hard, then I can only fight to the death.”

Chen Ping nodded his head and said!

“Hmph, kid, you are too arrogant, even if you blow yourself up, do you think you can hurt a few of us?”

“You are only a mere second ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm, even if you explode yourself, you would never be able to hurt us in the slightest.”

Old Kong smiled coldly, not afraid at all!

“Is that so? Can I hurt you, then let’s try ……”

With that, the terrifying aura from Chen Ping’s body erupted once again, and the bloody fog directly enveloped the opposite three people in it!

Feeling the aura on Chen Ping’s body, knowing that Chen Ping was going to come for real, Old Kong’s face also changed!

“Little brother, don’t be anxious yet, the three of us are not bad people, and we don’t mean any harm.”

“It’s just that Old Kong, this fellow, is just short-tempered, we just want to know what the thing that can produce the vision is!”

“Since you guys don’t know either, then forget it.”

Seeing this, Old Sun hurriedly followed Chen Ping and said!

“Right, right, we don’t know each other, we have no grievances, we’re going to blow ourselves up at this meeting and make a lose-lose situation, why bother!”

Zuo Qing also hurriedly stood out to round up the situation!

“Seniors, we are all nameless juniors, we didn’t want to look for trouble, but if someone pushes us hard, then we will have to die together.”

Chen Ping knew that the other party was giving himself a step down, and Chen Ping didn’t really want to blow himself up!

“Alright, alright, hurry up and put your breath away, no more checking on you, you guys hurry up and hurry.”

Old Sun soothed Chen Ping!

Seeing this, Chen Ping gathered up his breath and his whole body recovered!

But that old Kong’s face was ugly, staring at Chen Ping with a deadly stare, obviously not too dead!

It was also possible that he was feeling humiliated, after all, he was a Combined Body Realm Eighth Grade cultivator and was intimidated by Chen Ping, a Combined Body Realm Second Grade cultivator, this was too humiliating!

“Kid, for the sake of the two of them, I’ll let you go today, but you’re still the first person who dares to threaten me, we’ll see about that!”

Old Kong gritted his teeth and said to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping frowned slightly, at this moment there was some panic inside, if this journey, if this old guy was to set his eyes on him, then it would definitely be no good!

He couldn’t threaten to blow himself up every time, could he?

“What a big mouth?”

Just as that old Kong’s words fell, a figure suddenly appeared right in front of them!

“Lord Yan …………”

When Chen Ping saw the person coming, his heart burst with joy!

The three men also hurriedly saluted after seeing Lord Yan, “Lord Yan …………”

At this moment, the old Kong’s face was no longer as proud as it was just now!

“Chen Ping, what’s going on?” Lord Yan asked to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping told Lord Yan what had happened!

When Lord Yan heard this, he frowned and said, “How dare you three rob in front of Jialing County? You don’t think our county has any regard for you?”

“How dare you take off your clothes and search yourself, who the hell do you think you are? Even if someone enters our Jialing County, we have never asked for a body search, and you’re still getting aggressive ……”

Lord Yan said, walking up to that old Kong and giving him a fierce slap!

This slap instantly turned half of that old Kong’s face red, but he didn’t even dare to say a word!