Phoenix Among Men Chapter 29

By now, many people around had already seen Chen Ping spend 10,000 on that rusty iron lump, and they were all talking and pointing, with sneers on their faces!

Chen Ping was so young, and he still wanted to come to the antique street to buy something, so he was clearly the one being ripped off!

Chen Ping ignored the comments of the people around him, nor did he care about the fat stall owner’s laughing voice, but took the rusty iron lump, and then with a slight force, the rust started to fall off one after another!

Click …………

A slight sound, the iron lump actually cracked a gap in Chen Ping’s hand, and then the gap became bigger and bigger!

“D*mn, this kid’s hands are really strong!”

“Did you buy it for 10,000 to practice your hand strength?”

“Looking at the clothes, he doesn’t look like a rich man either, he just bought it and broke it, is he that rich?”

The onlookers all felt incredulous!

Even the fat stall owner looked straight at Chen Ping, wondering what Chen Ping was going to do!

Soon, the iron lump broke, followed by a dazzling light shining out from within!

A piece of jade, only the size of a thumb, but crystal clear and emerald green, appeared inside!

Chen Ping took out the jade and threw away the rusty casing, from which the aura had just emanated!

“Imperial green, this is imperial green ……”

“Get rich, holy sh*t, get rich!”

“Does this kid know there’s something inside?”

The crowd was dumbfounded, and the fat stall owner was even wide-eyed, his eyes were about to glare out.

Chen Ping took the jade stone, took a glance at it and put it in his pocket, this thing was made into a jade pendant for his mother to wear, it could drive away cold and ward off evil spirits and nourish her body!

Just as Chen Ping was about to leave with the jade in his pocket, the fat stall owner stopped him!

“Little brother, let’s discuss something, sell this stone to me!”

The fat stall owner asked with a smile on his face.

“Not for sale!” Chen Ping shook his head, ready to bypa*s the fat stall owner and leave!

Seeing that Chen Ping was not for sale and was insistent on leaving, the fat stall owner’s face turned cold, changing his just pleasant face to reveal a cross face and said, “Little brother, have you made a mistake, this jade is mine, how can you take it and leave?”

“Yours?” Chen Ping was stunned, “I just bought this, how did it become yours? So many people are watching!”

“What I sold you was just that lump of iron on the ground, I didn’t sell you this jade, you can take that lump of iron away, the jade must stay!”

As the fat stall owner finished speaking, five or six big brawny men instantly rushed out from the house behind him, each with an unkind face!

“This young man is still too young, he knows there’s something inside, go home and open it, open it here, that’s not looking for trouble!”

“This is bad luck, the treasure in hand is going to fly away, that imperial green is worth at least a million!”

“I think it’s even more than a million!”

The people around him felt sorry for Chen Ping, but no one stepped forward to say a word for him!

Chen Ping looked at the men who came out, and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly: “This is a black shop, you’re blatantly robbing things!”

“Cut the f*cking crap, hand over the jade and I’ll let you go, otherwise you won’t be able to leave!”

The fat stall owner had completely torn his face off and was no longer pretending!

“I’ve long heard that the Antique Street hides dirt and deceit, and it seems to be true, today I want to see what you can do to me if I don’t hand over the jade!”

Chen Ping smiled coldly, no fear on his face!

With these words, Chen Ping had offended the entire Antique Street, and many of the stall owners around him were screaming and cursing, even telling the fat stall owner to hurry up and do something to teach Chen Ping a lesson!

“Kid, you’re looking for death!”

After the fat stall owner finished speaking, he slammed his fist towards Chen Ping!

The strong wind whistled, it was obvious that the fat stall owner had practiced, otherwise he couldn’t have such speed and strength!

Thinking about it, if he didn’t have two tricks up his sleeve, would he dare to open a shop here and cheat people!