Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2962

“Here we are, up ahead ……”

Gao Qisheng looked at a patch of melting snow and ice and shouted!

“This place is so strange, how come it doesn’t feel so cold anymore? Even the snow and ice have melted!”

Old Sun said strangely!

“There seems to be a warm current blowing over in front of us, how can there be a warm current in this icy place?”

Zuo Qing was also full of doubts!

“Hurry up, the entrance to the treasure will be visible soon ……”

Gao Qisheng urged!

It was only when the crowd reached the entrance that they realized that the treasure gate had long since been opened, and that no one had long since disappeared outside!

But at that moment, there was still a warm stream blowing out from inside the gate all the time!

“It’s been opened?” Chen Ping frowned slightly!

Because what he was holding was the real treasure key, but how did this treasure door open?

Could it be that this was a fake treasure?

After all, the Ancient Body Refining Clan Chief had said that there were many fake treasures, and now that the entrance to this treasure had been opened, there was a good chance that it was a fake!

But if it was a fake treasure, what was this burst of warmth coming from inside it?

It couldn’t be possible to put a lot of treasures inside the fake treasure as well, right?

“Mr. Chen, what do we do?”

Gao Qisheng saw that the entrance to the treasure had been opened, so he asked Chen Ping!

Chen Ping hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Let’s go inside ……”

Whether it was a fake treasure or not, Chen Ping was going to go in and see what it was all about!

If it was a real treasure, it would be a missed opportunity!

A group of people slowly walked in, Chen Ping walked in the front, carefully!

Once inside, it was all filled with colourful auras, looking so beautiful that it was like walking through a dream street!

Chen Ping led the crowd inside and the temperature got higher and higher, when suddenly a white light flashed before their eyes, and the flashing crowd all involuntarily closed their eyes!

But when they opened their eyes, they found themselves in an unfamiliar environment!

Surrounded by lush greenery, in front of them was a valley, and it was filled with white mist!

“What is this ………… situation? How can this be?”

“Is there such a place in the extreme north? This can’t be!”

“We’re not entering an illusion formation, are we, everyone is an illusion?”

Looking at the sudden change in the scene around them, they all talked in panic!

Chen Ping was also stunned by the sight in his eyes, the moment the white light flashed, it seemed like they had pierced through some kind of barrier, or like they had been transported by some kind of power!

But the sight in front of them was not an illusion, this Chen Ping could guarantee, if it was an illusion formation, there was no way to confuse Chen Ping!

After all, Chen Ping was also a formation expert, a small illusion formation couldn’t trap him!

“This is not an illusion formation, we have just arrived at another place.”

“Or perhaps this is the Land of the Far North, and this place belongs underground in the Land of the Far North.”

Chen Ping explained.

“Mr. Chen, since it’s not an illusion formation, is it possible that it’s a secret realm? I remember Big Brother saying before that the Land of the Far North isn’t all frozen, there are also places where spring is warm and flowers are fragrant!”

“Maybe that means here? Could it be a secret realm opened up by some immortal?”

Gao Qisheng said after Chen Ping!

But Chen Ping shook his head, “It doesn’t look like a secret realm either, but we need to check it out to find out!”

Chen Ping sent out his divine sense and then slowly walked towards the mist of the valley!

But he found that this white fog was so strange that there was no way for his divine sense to enter it!

“Mr. Chen, there seems to be something strange about this white fog, there is no way for the divine sense to penetrate!”

Old Sun spoke up at that moment!

It looked like he had also used his divine sense to investigate!

Chen Ping nodded and slowly approached the white fog, putting his entire hand deep into the thick white fog!

A moment later, Chen Ping withdrew his hand!