Phoenix Among Men Chapter 2988

The two sides confronted each other, for a time no one dared to make the first move, now this situation, if the fight is likely to be a lose-lose!

I do not know how long the confrontation, the surrounding space began to slowly become deflated, surprisingly no one noticed.

Soon a breath spread out, the crowd only felt a blur before their eyes, and when it reappeared, the crowd appeared in the middle of a huge altar!

Numerous thick beads towering among them, surrounded by very dim, and there is a kind of eerie feeling.

Not to mention the fact that figures began to appear around Chen Ping and the rest of them!

Those people who had originally disappeared were also appearing here.

Only many of these people are carrying injuries and their faces are full of fatigue!

“Mr. Chen …………”

At this time, Gao Qisheng with the Gao family saw Chen Ping and hurriedly came over!

Chen Ping saw that Gao Qisheng actually had injuries on his body as well, and that the few Gao family cultivators who followed him were missing two!

“Gao Qisheng, what’s going on?”

Chen Ping said with a slight frown!

“Mr. Chen, I don’t know what happened, after I passed through that light gate, I arrived in the middle of a mountain forest!”

“This mountain forest has a lot of immortal herbs, and fierce beasts.”

“In order to fight over the immortal herbs and beast pills, we followed the other cultivators and clashed.”

“Two people on our side were killed ……”

Gao Qisheng said with a downcast expression!

After hearing this, Chen Ping looked around and found that there were originally hundreds of cultivators, but now not even half of them were left!

Especially those casual cultivators, each and every one is more miserable, some did not die but also seriously injured!

This is typical of the death of people for the sake of food!

To get the treasure, risking so much!

Chen Ping found that only their side appeared the most cultivators, it is likely that the balance of power between their two sides, who did not dare to make a move!

If Chen Ping did not unite those loose cultivators at the beginning, it is estimated that they would all be slowly killed, there would not be many people left!

“Golden Fury, what is your situation?”

On the other side, the other four of the Five Elements Heavenly Furies found the Golden Fury and were surprised to see blood on the corner of the Golden Fury’s mouth!

You know they were the strongest cultivators here, if they weren’t targeted by many cultivators, they couldn’t have been injured at all!

When the Golden Fury saw that his partners had come, the bottom of his heart instantly became full of energy, and then his eyes looked at Chen Ping icily!

“A kid took advantage of me and injured me ……”

The Golden Fury said with a murderous aura!

“Who is it? Dare to make a move against someone from our Demon Sealing Alliance?” Wood Fury asked in an angry voice as he frowned!

“It’s him ……”

The Golden Fury pointed at Chen Ping!

Several other people looked at Chen Ping, and when they saw that Chen Ping was only at the fourth rank of the Combined Body Realm, one by one, they all froze, their faces full of disbelief!

“Golden Fury, you’re not joking with us, right? This guy is only the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm, he can sneak attack you?”

“Even if you stand still, he can’t hit you!”

Fire Fury didn’t believe it at all!

The others didn’t believe it either, after all, the difference between the two people’s strength was too big.

If it was a cultivator of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm, if he was gifted, it was possible to fight beyond the level and defeat a cultivator of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm!

But Chen Ping, a fourth rank of the Harmony Realm, wants to defeat a cultivator at the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, that’s a fool’s dream!

“I’m not joking, the flames on this guy are even more powerful than yours.”

“As you know, what I am most afraid of is fire, plus being in a place of fire nature, my strength is discounted.”

The Golden Fury said to the Fire Fury!

“Even if he can play with fire, but a mere fourth grade of the Combined Body realm, how much more bullish can he be?”

“I think you’re just kidding, I don’t believe it at all!”

Fire Fury didn’t believe it!

The Golden Fury, seeing that no one believed, could only say, “I’ll take you to him, so you can see the kid’s true ability, I suspect he is hiding his strength ……”