Phoenix Among Men Chapter 299

On the highway, Lin Tianhu drove intently!

Chen Ping and Su Yuqi were talking and laughing in the back, making Lin Tianhu, who was driving, eat a mouthful of dog food!

Just then, a black car suddenly overtook Chen Ping’s car and drove directly in front of them!

This black car, suddenly and continuously, started to slam on the brakes and slowed down!

Lin Tianhu saw that he was about to crash into the car in front of him and hurriedly slammed on the brakes!

The tyres and the ground made a violent scraping sound and a burst of burnt rubber smell came into the car!

The car came to a halt and Lin Tianhu jerked his direction, ready to go around the car in front of him and keep going!

That’s when Lin Tianhu seemed to sense danger!

“Ah …………”

The sudden sharp braking caused Su Yuqi’s body to lean forward and she shrieked.

“Mr. Chen, Miss Su, fasten your seat belt!”

Lin Tianhu’s face became grave at this point.

Chen Ping also saw that something was wrong and personally put on Su Yuqi’s seatbelt.

After Lin Tianhu bypa*sed the black car, he violently accelerated and rushed forward.

And the black car was following close behind, looking to catch up with the car driven by Lin Tianhu!

Bam …………

A loud sound, Chen Ping’s car suddenly lurched forward, and the whole rear end was dented, fortunately Su Yuqi had her seat belt on, otherwise this would have sent her flying!

Lin Tianhu pushed the accelerator to the bottom, the car let out a huge roar and headed towards Yuncheng, the rear end of the car dragged to the ground, sending out huge sparks along the way!

“Go after them, we have to run them over or Master won’t spare us!”

A middle-aged man with a murderous face roared from the pa*senger side of the black car behind them!

“Chen Ping, who are these …… people?”

Su Yuqi’s face was a little white with fear as she asked.

Chen Ping shook his head, he didn’t know what kind of people they were, but by guessing, it was most likely the Wei family!

Lin Tianhu watched the road intently, a cold sweat faintly forming on his forehead!

At such a speed, if there was the slightest slip-up, it would be a car crash!

“Lin Tianhu, slow down at the bend ahead, I want to see who these people really are!”

Chen Ping said with a murderous glint in his eyes.

“Mr. Chen, this is too dangerous!”

Lin Tianhu looked at Chen Ping through the rear view mirror in surprise.

This was on the highway, and at such a fast speed, if Chen Ping got out of the car, the cars behind him would definitely crash into him!

“I told you to slow down, so you slowed down ……”

A flash of annoyance pa*sed through Chen Ping’s eyes!

Lin Tianhu didn’t dare to speak, and slowed the car down at the corner!

Chen Ping opened the door, unbuckled his seat belt and was ready to jump out of the car!

Su Yuqi pulled Chen Ping by the hand: “Chen Ping, you must pay attention to safety!”

Chen Ping nodded and jumped out of the car, rolled on the ground and stood up!

And Lin Tianhu didn’t stop, he just started to slow down and move forward, his pair of eyes dead set on the rear view mirror!

Su Yuqi also turned her head and looked at Chen Ping through the rear window, her hands clasped tightly together, her palms were sweaty, she was worried for Chen Ping.

Just shortly after Chen Ping got out of the car, the black car came rushing by. Seeing that there was suddenly a pedestrian on the highway, the driver instinctively tried to dodge, and at such a speed, it was impossible to see who it was!

But just after the driver of the black sedan swerved slightly, Chen Ping’s figure instantly disappeared from the spot!

Immediately afterwards, he appeared at the front of the car and smashed his fist towards the moving car!

Boom …………

The huge impact made the car fly straight up and then tumbled twice in the sky before landing heavily on the ground.

The car was all deflated, the four people in it trapped inside, and the petrol from the mailbox kept leaking onto the ground!