Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3109

Now that this sealing formation had been unintentionally catalysed by Ji Yun, the fluctuation of spiritual energy on the entire sealing original stone was very obvious!

Perhaps after they left, the sealing original stone would return to its current state, but right now this sealing original stone was emitting spiritual power fluctuations and flickering with light!

“I am also more interested in what is sealed under this altar, such a powerful sealing formation, if it is not sealing some demonic beast demonic cultivator, then it is possible …………”

Chen Ping suddenly stopped when he said this, and his face became a little ugly!

“Mr Chen, it’s possible what?” Ji Yun asked in confusion!

Chen Ping did not say a word, the whole person suddenly rose into the air, flight on this small island would not be affected, so Chen Ping came to the mid-air, overlooking the whole island!

A few minutes later, Chen Ping slowly landed down, his expression even more grave!

“It’s possible that this is just where the eye of a sealing spell formation is located, and this entire island is the true sealing formation, and the thing that needs to be sealed is underneath this island.”

Chen Ping voiced his guess!

When Ji Yun heard this, he was dumbfounded, knowing that even though this small island was called a small island, it had an area of tens of thousands of square kilometres, how could such a large island be a sealing array?

If it was, what kind of person, in the end, could lay this kind of grand formation?

A Great Luo Golden Immortal who descended from the Heavenly Realm?

Ji Lianzhang was also taken aback by Chen Ping’s guess and hurriedly shook his head “Mr Chen, your guess is also too bold, it’s impossible, how could someone lay down such a huge sealing formation, and wouldn’t it be too terrifying to want to seal something in such a large sealing formation?”

“Perhaps I’m overthinking it.” Seeing the horrified expressions of Ji Yun and Ji Lianzhuang, Chen Ping hurriedly said with a faint smile!

Right now, Chen Ping wasn’t sure, but he always had a feeling that this small island was weird, as well as this altar that had suddenly appeared!

The entire island was filled with weirdness, causing Chen Ping to think randomly as well!

“Mr Chen, what do we do next? Are we going to break this seal? Maybe what’s being suppressed isn’t some demonic beast, but some kind of artefact spirit or something like that.”

“This place used to be an ancient battlefield, how many spirit weapons and artefacts have fallen here, even if we get a somewhat broken ancient divine weapon, it’s still worth it, if it’s in possession of an artefact spirit, it would be perfect.”

Ji Yun asked to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping gazed at the original sealing stone, then shook his head and said “It’s better not to move this seal first, if underneath this seal is some terrifying demonic beast, then aren’t we asking for trouble.”

“This island looks like it has lasted for an unknown number of years, apart from the birds flying through the sky, there is not a single living thing to be seen on the ground, this is too weird, it is better not to move it.”

Chen Ping was also a little scared by this weird island and did not dare to move around casually!

“Mr Chen, that’s right, this island is too weird, it’s better not to touch anything on it, let’s still look for those missing people.”

“If we can find them, then let’s find a way to leave this island quickly, I always have a bad feeling!”

Ji Lianzhang also did not agree to move that seal, after all, the person who was able to lay down a sealing spell formation here was definitely not a mortal, if what was really sealed below was a terrifying demonic beast, none of them would be able to run away!

“Let’s go ……”

Chen Ping called out to Ji Yun and Ji Lianzhuang intending to leave, this sealing spell formation they did not want to move!

But just as Chen Ping and the others were about to leave, suddenly there was a loud sound of footsteps not far away.

Hearing the footsteps, everyone was stunned, proving that someone had also come onto the island!

But what kind of person it was, they wouldn’t know.

“Could it be that those missing brothers have found their way here?”

At this time, a Fei Tian Sect disciple said with great excitement!