Phoenix Among Men Chapter 413

As soon as Wu Xi heard that Chen Ping had even said that his Baji Fist was slow, he was immediately displeased, plus he had been holding his anger in his heart, he immediately burst out and said to Chen Ping, “Kid, if you really have the ability, do you dare to have a couple of moves with me? I’ll show you if my Baji Fist is slow!”

“b*****d, how do you talk after Mr. Chen!” Wu Liuyi was shocked, this Wu Xi dared to talk after Chen Ping like this, it scared him, as he spoke Wu Liuyi was about to rush over and teach Wu Xi a lesson!

But Chen Ping reached out his hand and stopped Wu Liuyi, “Master Wu, there is no need to be angry, didn’t I say that it is normal for young people to have anger, I will just have a couple of moves with him!”

Hearing this, Wu Liu Yi hurriedly said with a supplicating tone, “Please be merciful, Mr. Chen!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt him!” Chen Ping said indifferently.

With these words, Wu Liuyi put his heart down, just in time for Chen Ping to cure Wu Xi of this arrogance, knowing that there was a world outside of heaven and a man outside of man.

Sometimes Wu Liuyi wondered whether these two children were his own children or not, they were all so wild, so opposite to his own personality!

“Dad, you should beg me to be merciful, if I hurt your VIPs later, don’t blame me!”

Wu Xi said with a face full of disdain.

Wu Liuyi ignored him, for he knew that in a moment, Wu Xi would be honest!

Chen Ping leapt gently and arrived in front of Wu Xi, saying indifferently, “If you strike me, I will only dodge and never fight back, so that you will know if your Baji Fist is slow!”

Chen Ping said, putting his hands behind his back and standing quietly!

Wu Xi froze, then said with an angry look on his face, “Kid, you’re too wild, if you get hurt, don’t blame me ……”

“No way!” Chen Ping shook his head!

Wu Xi’s foot stomped violently, the ground this time should have been cracked by this foot, the cracks spread everywhere, and actually cracked several meters long!

Immediately afterwards, Wu Xi exhaled, the veins on his face tense, his whole body exuding a terrifying aura, like a hunting leopard, staring deadly at the prey in front of him!

Suddenly, Wu Xi slammed his fist towards Chen Ping, this fist was so fierce and powerful that the sound of breaking air suddenly rang out!

In the face of this punch, Chen Ping still stood still, his hands behind his back, as if he did not care at all.

But just as Wu Xi’s fist reached Chen Ping, Chen Ping’s head flicked to the side, easily dodging Wu Xi’s punch!

Wu Xi was stunned, then he rose in fury and threw another punch at Chen Ping, this time not at Chen Ping’s head, but at Chen Ping’s abdomen!

Only to see Chen Ping’s abdomen closing in, a side dodge the punch, and then his body reverses and goes directly behind Wu Xi!

“Ah …………”

After missing two punches in a row, Wusi was completely furious, hissing out of his mouth, his fist was like a meteor, caging towards Chen Ping!

This time, he actually used both fists, only that no matter how fast his fists were, they couldn’t even touch the corner of Chen Ping’s clothes!

In just a few minutes, Wu Xi had already thrown over a hundred punches, but not a single one had hit!

Wu Xi stopped, panting heavily, his forehead covered in cold sweat, his energy almost depleted!

At this moment, Chen Ping still had his hands behind his back, unable to see a trace of fatigue, and said with a faint smile, “Does this convince you that your punches are too slow?”

“Hmph, you’re just relying on your physical agility, do you dare to box against me? With a physique like yours, I can break all your bones with one punch!”

Wusi was actually still unconvinced!

Chen Ping laughed: “Now that your energy is depleted, how can you still fight with me?”

After saying that, Chen Ping lifted his foot and gently stomped on the ground!