Phoenix Among Men Chapter 423

In the Pan Long Bay villa, Su Yuqi trembled and took out her mobile phone to call Chen Ping, but before she could dial out, Chen Ping’s call came in!

“Chen Ping, it’s Xuan Yue Valley’s people, there are two of them, they look very powerful, they’re inside the living room now, I escaped into the bedroom and closed the door!”

Su Yuqi said anxiously to Chen Ping.

Hearing this, Chen Ping’s heart was in his throat, for this group of people from Xuan Yue Valley, a bedroom door, how could they be stopped!

“You stay in the bedroom, I’ll be there soon!”

Chen Ping said, raising his speed to the extreme, the wind whistling in his ears!

In the middle of the living room, the two left and right guardians of Xuan Yue Valley had no intention of breaking down the door, but sat on the sofa talking instead!

“This Chen Ping really has something, to be able to refine a protective spirit weapon, if such a person can be used by my Xuan Yue Valley, he will definitely become a great weapon!”

The Right Protector said with a bit of appreciation in his eyes.

“This son must be high-minded and arrogant, how could he possibly join our Xuan Yue Valley, it’s better not to waste your efforts!”

The left protector shook his head!

“Hmph, can a person who is high-minded and arrogant still escape my Spirit Devouring Technique? When the time comes, he will have to do whatever I tell him to do!”

The corner of the Right Protector’s mouth lifted as he extended his own right hand, only to see a black mist wrapped around it.

At that very moment, Chen Ping’s figure instantly rushed inside the villa, seeing these two guys sitting in the living room and not rushing into the bedroom, Chen Ping’s hanging heart was finally relieved!

Seeing Chen Ping reveal himself, the left and right protectors of Xuan Yue Valley both stood up and looked at Chen Ping with a bit of surprise in their eyes!

“You are Chen Ping?” The Right Protector asked.

They didn’t expect Chen Ping to be so young, to have such achievements at such an age, if he really joined the Xuan Yue Valley, then he could definitely become an existence of a Grand Magus!

“You are the people of the Xuan Yue Valley?” Chen Ping frowned and said.

“That’s right, we are the Right and Left Guardians of Xuan Yue Valley, you killed someone from our Xuan Yue Valley, we will definitely not rest in peace, but seeing that you are young and talented and your cultivation is not easy, if you are willing to join our Xuan Yue Valley, I can let you live!”

That Right Protector nodded and said.

“Humph!” Chen Ping snorted coldly, “I don’t care to be a*sociated with people like you, Xuan Yue Valley, who are chicken and dog thieves, today you have frightened my wife, so leave your lives behind!”

“What did I say? This guy must be high-minded and arrogant, how could he join our Xuan Yue Valley, cut the crap, just slap him to death!”

The left protector said with some impatience.

“Don’t be hasty, leave it to me!”

The Right Protector smiled coldly, only to see the black mist on his right hand suddenly becoming thicker and thicker, followed by a flick of his finger, a black mist shot directly towards Chen Ping!

Seeing this, Chen Ping was delighted and pretended to dodge, directly allowing the black mist to enter his body!

When the black mist entered Chen Ping’s body, it was instantly swallowed by Chen Ping’s dantian, followed by the operation of the Heart Condensation Skill, which began to refine the black mist!

“Hahahaha, brat, you’re still talking big with this ability, you’ve been hit by my Spirit Devouring Technique, you’re still not obedient to me!”

When the right protector saw that Chen Ping did not dodge away, he burst out laughing!

And that Left Protector was also slightly stunned: “With that kind of skill, how did you manage to kill that old fellow Bu Confusion and the Left Patrolman? Could it be that these two fellows were secretly killed?”

“Definitely, that guy Fuzzy is as lustful as life, as long as he is poisoned by a woman, he doesn’t care about anything, can’t you see how beautiful Chen Ping’s wife is? Maybe that old man Bu Confusion is the one who fell into the trap!”

The Right Protector said with a face full of disdain!

That black mist, within Chen Ping’s dantian, was quickly refined away, and then Chen Ping looked at the right protector with feigned surprise: “What was that thing you just did? It was gone in a flash!”