Phoenix Among Men Chapter 431

“Master, two senior brothers, you’re here …………”

Seeing this, Wu Xi hurriedly greeted them.

And there were quite a few people inside the corridor, greeting the old man after seeing him.

The old man, on the other hand, nodded slightly as a greeting in return, without a trace of smile on his face, looking somewhat condescending!

“Master, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Chen ……”

Wu Xi hurriedly followed that old man and introduced Chen Ping!

Chen Ping smiled faintly and nodded a greeting towards the old man, but that old man just swept a glance at Chen Ping, but did not have any reaction, and then said to Wu Xi, “Wu Xi, you are now a disciple of my Baji Quan, you represent the face of my Baji Quan outside, how can you casually address people as sir? Wouldn’t that make people underestimate my Baji Quan?”

Upon hearing this, Wu Xi opened his mouth and hurriedly explained, “Master, no, it’s Chen …………”

“Senior Wu Xi, Master taught you a good lesson, you should have some backbone when representing my Baji Quan in the future, this time at the martial arts gathering, Master is hoping that you will win the title, don’t bring shame to my Baji Quan!”

The thin young man said.

“Sifu, this time the martial arts gathering Mr. Chen is also attending, I’m afraid there’s no one else for this championship!”

Wu Xi said awkwardly!

Chen Ping’s strength, Wu Xi had seen it with his own eyes, if Chen Ping was on stage, the champion would be Chen Ping!

“Wu Xi, are you being scared out of your wits?” The old man frowned slightly, “I tell you, this time you must win the title for me, or else don’t blame my master for expelling you from the division!”

The old man snorted coldly and ignored Wu Xi, walking directly towards the room at the end of the corridor, the skinny young man followed behind the old man, and as he pa*sed by Chen Ping, a sudden burst of powerful pressure momentum burst out, pressing towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping smiled coldly and didn’t move, not even exploding his breath to resist, allowing the pressure to hit him without the slightest change in expression!

The thin young man saw Chen Ping’s lack of reaction and frowned slightly, but did not try to test Chen Ping, but followed the old man into the room!

The tall young man, on the other hand, smiled towards Wu Xi, “Senior Wu Xi, don’t be nervous, Master is just like that, just work hard, with your current strength, there is still a good hope of winning the title!”

After patting Wu Xi on the shoulder, the tall young man followed suit!

“Master …………”

When Wu Xi saw the old man walk into the room at the end of the corridor, he was instantly startled and hurriedly tried to chase after him, as this room was the one he had prepared for Chen Ping.

Chen Ping stopped Wu Xi with a reach and shook his head slightly!

He understood Wu Xi’s meaning, but for his own sake, for Wu Xi to be reprimanded by his master, Chen Ping didn’t want that, after all, he didn’t have any requirements for a place to stay!

“Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry …………”

Wu Xi said with an embarra*sed look on his face.

Wu Xi could only rearrange the room for Chen Ping next door, and then introduced several people after Chen Ping!

Through Wu Xi’s introduction, Chen Ping learned that the old man’s name was Gao Baisheng, the current owner of the Bajiquan school, while the tall young man’s name was Huo Lai Yun and the thin young man’s name was Huo Shan, both of whom were from the same village and had been under Gao Baisheng’s tutelage since they were young!

After chatting with Chen Ping for a while, Wu Xi went to the next room, and soon there was a quarrel in the next room!

Chen Ping’s hearing had long been different from normal people now, so he could hear the voices from next door clearly!

“Brother Wu Xi, don’t make the old master angry, that boy looks ordinary, why are you so afraid of him? You’re scared out of your wits before you even fight, is this still the style of my Baji Quan disciples?”

That Huo Shan said in a stern voice.