Phoenix Among Men Chapter 438

After Sun Simiao saw this elixir, his pupils instantly shrank and shock appeared in his eyes, “This …… is ……”

“This is the Great Return Pill, which is more effective than the Small Return Pill, mainly because this Great Return Pill can make a martial artist’s internal energy increase greatly, enhance his or her cultivation, and can also repair dark wounds!”

As soon as Chen Ping’s words fell, Bai Zhan Tang and Sun Simiao were both shocked!

This Great Returning Pill was the one Chen Ping had made for Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu, and Chen Ping himself had left one behind with him!

“Did you also refine this elixir?” Bai Zhantang asked as he looked at Chen Ping.

“If you don’t believe me, then there’s no need for us to talk!”

With a wave of Chen Ping’s hand, the elixir actually returned directly to Chen Ping’s hand!

“Brother Chen, how about my Bai family being willing to take out ten billion to buy your dan recipe? In addition I can promise to help you set things right with that Jiang Zhengde and Xuan Yue Valley!”

Bai Zhan Tang got up and said.

“As I said, I will take care of my own affairs, if you want the dan recipe, then you can exchange it for medicinal materials!”

Chen Ping shook his head!

Bai Zhan Tang frowned, half of the medicinal herbs from the Pill King’s House, this was not something he could decide, in order to get these precious medicinal herbs to pa*s through the hands of the Pill King’s House, the Bai family had gone to great lengths, to know that these precious medicinal herbs were not inexhaustible, they were all used one less than the other, now giving half to Chen Ping at once, Bai Zhan Tang could not let go!

Seeing that Bai Zhan Tang was silent, Chen Ping turned around and left, but just two steps later, several people poured in from outside, directly surrounding Chen Ping!

It could be seen that these people should have been ambushed outside the hall for a long time, waiting for an opportunity, if Chen Ping had agreed to the request, these people would not have come in.

Chen Ping’s face turned cold as he looked at Bai Zhan Tang, “What does this mean?”

“Little brother, those who know the times are the best, there will be no one who can refuse my Pill King Mansion, leave the prescription and you can go!”

Bai Zhan Tang didn’t say anything, while that Sun Simiao said coldly.

“Is this an open robbery on your part?” Chen Ping sneered!

“No matter what you say, leave the dan recipe or else ……”

“Or else what?” Chen Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly as a cold aura shot out from them!

Sun Simiao’s body involuntarily trembled slightly when Chen Ping looked at him like this, but after glancing at Bai Zhan Tang who had not spoken, his face was ruthless as he said, “Or else let you disappear forever!”

“With just you?” Chen Ping suddenly laughed, his smile full of disdain, “I’ve changed my mind, on the basis of these words you threatened me with, send all the medicinal herbs of the Pill King’s House to my home, or else let your entire Pill King’s House be destroyed!”

Chen Ping was trying to find an excuse to get medicinal herbs from the Pill King’s House, but to his surprise, this Sun Simiao had delivered himself to his door, and dared to threaten Chen Ping!

“Even if you can kill Jiang Zhengzhong, do you really think that you are invincible? You still want to destroy my Pill King’s House ……”

Sun Simiao laughed out loud, while that Bai Zhan Tang’s face was gloomy and he didn’t say a word!

Chen Ping snorted coldly and said nothing more as he walked straight towards the outside!

“Stop him ……”

Sun Simiao gave an order, and the few people surrounding Chen Ping rushed together towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping did not stop on his feet, a monstrous momentum rose up from his body, like a huge flood of beasts, and directly knocked the few people rushing towards him away!

Seeing this, Sun Simiao’s face was furious: “Good boy, let me meet you ……”

“Stop!” Bai Zhantang spoke up!

Sun Simiao stopped in his tracks and could only watch as Chen Ping left!

“Second Young Master …………”

Sun Simiao looked at Bai Zhantang with a puzzled expression!

“Don’t mind him yet, it’s not too late to clean him up after the martial arts gathering, we have more important things to do now!”

Bai Zhan Tang said, turning around and walking towards the back hall!