Phoenix Among Men Chapter 451

Neither Bai Zhan Tang nor Qin Feng had noticed how exactly Chen Ping had killed that Jiang Zhengde, but to be able to slap Jiang Zhengde to death in such a short period of time, then Chen Ping’s strength could be imagined!

“Let’s work together and kill this kid first, then we’ll talk about the jade pendant!”

Seeing that Jiang Zhengde was dead, Qin Feng frowned tightly and said to Bai Zhan Tang!

He was planning to team up with Bai Zhan Tang to kill Chen Ping!

But who knew that Bai Zhan Tang suddenly withdrew his body backwards and clasped his fist towards Chen Ping, “Brother Chen, I had no intention of offending your woman, I’m here to make amends!”

Bai Zhan Tang’s sudden withdrawal instantly brought Qin Feng to an awkward position, he understood very well that this Bai Zhan Tang was going to kill someone with a knife, if he could kill that Chen Ping, Bai Zhan Tang would definitely grab the jade pendant from him, but if they were killed by Chen Ping, then Chen Ping would also have his internal energy depleted and be seriously injured, Bai Zhan Tang would still strike!

“You wimp …………”

Qin Feng looked at Bai Zhan Tang and cursed through clenched teeth before turning towards his men, “Let’s go together, kill this kid first, before taking the jade pendant!”

“Ah Da, keep an eye on that woman, don’t let her get away!”

Qin Feng roared in anger and led his men to charge directly at Chen Ping, not bothering about that Bai Zhan Tang!

“Ling’er, you watch Yuqi!”

Chen Ping handed Su Yuqi over to Gu Ling’er to hold on to!

And at that moment, when that Ah Da saw Chen Ping let go of Su Yuqi, his eyes flashed with a cold aura and he headed towards that Su Yuqi from one side!

“Seeking death ……”

Chen Ping’s face was cold as he slapped his palm towards that Ah Da!

Chen Ping, who was already at the Foundation Establishment stage, wouldn’t even put any Inner Strength Grandmaster in his eyes anymore!

When A Da saw this, he didn’t even bother to fight Chen Ping, he tried to slip backwards with one side of his body!

Chen Ping was alone, but there were several of them, so they could grab Su Yuqi when Chen Ping wasn’t looking!

But just as that Ah Da’s body was backing up, he suddenly felt a blur before his eyes, and the next thing he knew, Chen Ping was nowhere to be seen.

Panic flashed in Ah Da’s eyes and he backed up even faster, but he hit something with a thud!

When Ah Da looked back, his whole body was dumbfounded, he found out that he had actually hit Chen Ping, and that somehow, Chen Ping had arrived behind him!


Chen Ping slapped his palm on that Ah Da’s head, shattering it straight away!

After killing that Ah Da, Chen Ping’s figure didn’t stop in the slightest as he instantly met Qin Feng and his men!

Chen Ping’s body was like a whirlwind, constantly weaving between Qin Feng and his men, with screams of misery ringing out from time to time!

When Chen Ping’s body stopped, the men Qin Feng had brought with him were all lying on the ground, each with painful, hideous faces, struggling, but they wouldn’t live long!

The scene was deathly silent, no one dared to speak, these were all sect masters, and they were all going to die just like that!

“Run!” Seeing this, Qin Feng turned around and was about to run!

Chen Ping’s strength was much stronger than he thought!

But just as Qin Feng turned around, Chen Ping’s body swayed as he directly chased after him, kicking that Qin Feng in the back and then stomping on Qin Feng’s head with one foot!

“Chen Ping, you …… you can’t kill me, I am a member of the Qin family, if you kill me, the Qin family will not spare you even if they chase you to the ends of the earth!”

Panic flashed in Qin Feng’s eyes as he threatened at Chen Ping!

“I hate it when people threaten me!”

Chen Ping said coldly as the force on his foot increased by a few points!

Qin Feng panicked and hurriedly shouted towards the crowd, “I’m the young master of the Qin family in Kyoto, if any of you can save me, my family will definitely thank you heavily!”

The crowd knew that if they followed the Qin family in Kyoto, they would definitely soar to great heights, but with Chen Ping’s strength, who dared to save him?