Phoenix Among Men Chapter 458

“Brother Chen Ping, forget it, it’s useless to talk to you, things are like this, I’ve looked past it!”

Chen Yingxia wiped her tears and squeezed out a smile and said.

“Yingxia, talk to me, I can definitely help you …………” Chen Ping said somewhat anxiously!

“Yingxia, you said, I believe we can help you!”

Su Yuqi also said to Chen Yingxia.

Chen Yingxia looked at Su Yuqi before she nodded and said, “Brother Chen Ping, do you still remember that Chen Dogzi?”

“Of course I remember, isn’t he the guy who stopped going to school early and collected protection money in front of the school all day? Back then, this kid even kicked me!”

Chen Ping said with a nod.

“I just married him …….”

Chen Yingxia lowered her head and bit her lip!

“What?” Chen Ping raised his voice all of a sudden, his eyes all glared up, “That Chen Dogzi is just a punk, he didn’t even graduate from middle school, how are they willing to let you marry him, Second Aunt?”

Although Su Yuqi didn’t know this Chen Guzi, she was not a good person and looked at Chen Yingxia with suspicion, after all, Chen Yingxia was not bad in terms of figure or appearance, how could she marry such a person!

Chen Yingxia’s eyes were red and she cried again, and slowly began to talk after Chen Ping!

When Chen Ping finished listening, his entire face turned iron blue, and with a fierce slap, a solid wood table instantly shattered!

“This Chen Dogzi is so abominable, he’s simply not human!”

Su Yuqi was also furious!

It turned out that this Chen Dogzi had always been a small gangster, and later became famous in their whole Anhe Town, with the development of Hongcheng, many townships below also followed the reform, Anhe Town attracted investment for big property construction, while Chen Dogzi, as a small gangster, took the opportunity to contract earth and rock works, and got rich at once!

Now Chen Guzi is working with the developers to demolish the buildings. As long as the developers can’t negotiate, Chen Guzi will bring his men on, beating and scolding people to get the agreement signed.

The headmaster was so scared that he expelled Chen Yingxia, and Chen threatened Chen’s parents, so Chen had no choice but to marry him!

For this reason Chen Dogzi valued Chen Yingxia’s house at one million when he was valuing the demolition, and all the other families in the whole Chen family village were also valued more, so that the whole Chen family village was happy and treated Chen Dogzi as a benefactor, but no one knew Chen Yingxia’s suffering!

“Simply D*mned …………”

Chen Ping gritted his teeth, his eyes full of killing intent!

If this Chen Dogzi was going to marry a girl from someone else’s family, Chen Ping would have let it go, after all, there were too many such things, many local punks and developers cooperated to bully the common people, Chen Ping couldn’t manage it, and he wasn’t the savior!

But now this Chen Dogzi has even taken his idea to Chen Yingxia, Chen Ping can’t agree to that!

“Brother Chen Ping, don’t be impulsive, things are already like this, I’ve already looked past it, that Chen Dogzi has a bunch of people under him, and I heard that he has links with some underground emperor in Hongcheng, those people are all murderous, I don’t want you to risk your life for me!”

Seeing Chen Ping’s furious look, Chen Yingxia hurriedly persuaded.

“You mean Lin Tianhu?”

Chen Ping asked.

Chen Yingxia thought for a moment, “It seems to be called something like Tiger, I only heard that Chen Dogzi mention it occasionally!”

“Yingxia, since you don’t want to get married, leave this matter to me, I will help you take care of it, when the time comes, I will find a school for you in Hongcheng again, go to school properly, you can’t be uneducated!”

Chen Ping said to Chen Yingxia.

“Brother Chen Ping, you …………”