Phoenix Among Men Chapter 469

Kyoto, the Bai family!

Bai Zhan Tang was standing by the side with a downcast face, while in the middle of the hall at that moment, there were six or seven people sitting, these people were all the elders of the Bai family, Bai Zhan Tang, a junior, only had the role of standing!

“Zhan Tang, tell us what happened in Jiang Bei in detail!”

Above the main seat, an old man with a white beard said!

This old man was Bai Xiushan, the head of the Bai family.

“Alright grandpa!” Bai Zhan Tang nodded, and then continued, “A young man in his twenties came out of Jiang Bei, called Chen Ping, very high strength, at the martial gathering this just now, he easily killed Jiang Zheng De, as well as the sect master experts that Qin Feng brought there, all of them were also easily killed, and this person also knows how to refine pills, his pill recipe is particularly mysterious, no one from the Pill King’s Mansion with the pills has any way to know the refining The method!”

“The main thing is that the Yin family’s jade pendant is now in the hands of this Chen Ping, at that time it was for the sake of the pendant that those from the Qin family were killed, fortunately I was alert and saw that things were not good, so I did not clash with him, but this Chen Ping wants the Pill King Mansion to hand over all the medicinal materials, otherwise he will trample down the Pill King Mansion!”

Just as Bai Zhan Tang finished his words, there was a lot of chatter!

“Such a young man with such strength, isn’t this a genius in general? Zhan Tang, have you investigated this kid?”

Bai Zhan Tang’s father, Bai Zhan, asked.

“Dad, I’ve investigated, all of that kid’s biography is here!”

Bai Zhan Tang said, taking out a few points of documents and distributing them to the few people present!

As the people looked at the documents, they all frowned, because since childhood, Chen Ping’s resume was blank, and he didn’t even have any experience in martial arts, so how could he suddenly become so powerful?

“Dad, take a look at …………”

Bai Zhan took the document to Bai Xiushan, and then said with a puzzled look on his face, “This kid’s resume is mediocre, he just did three years in prison, he shouldn’t have such strong strength ah?”

Bai Xiushan looked at the document and quickly saw the problem and said to the crowd, “Haven’t you noticed that this Chen Ping’s life has changed dramatically since he got out of jail?

“Strange encounter? What can you do in three years? I’m afraid that he can’t even train his Qi energy!”

Bai Zhan frowned and said.

“Qi energy?” Bai Xiushan smiled faintly, “I’m sure that this Chen Ping isn’t cultivating Qi energy, he’s not a martial artist!”

Bai Xiushan’s words caused everyone to freeze, looking at Bai Xiushan with a face full of incomprehension!

“Grandpa, could he be a warlock? If he can refine pills, there’s a good chance that he’s a warlock!”

Bai Zhan Tang asked.

“Impossible, even if a warlock is highly skilled, but like you said, when Chen Ping dealt with Jiang Zhengde and the Qin Clan’s clan masters, he didn’t use any magic techniques, it was all close combat, how could he be a warlock!”

Bai Zhan Tang immediately retorted.

Bai Zhan Tang thought about it, and it was true, so he could only look at Bai Xiushan, who looked like he knew something!

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Bai Xiushan asked, “Apart from knowing that there are martial artists and warlocks in this world, do you know of any other kind of people?”

The crowd all shook their heads.

“Let me tell you, there are not only martial artists and warlocks in this world, there is also a kind of people who are cultivators, but such people are extremely rare, and this Chen Ping is probably a cultivator!”

As soon as Bai Xiushan’s words fell, everyone was dumbfounded!

“Grandpa, what’s a cultivator?” Bai Zhan Tang asked.

“It’s a cultivator of immortality!” Bai Xiushan said, with a sudden hint of envy and yearning in his eyes.

“An immortal cultivator?”

There was a gasp from the crowd.

“Grandpa, you’re saying that Chen Ping is an immortal? Are there really immortals in this world?”

Bai Zhan Tang was the most excited, if there were really immortals in the world, then wouldn’t he also have the chance to become an immortal and be able to live forever.