Phoenix Among Men Chapter 485

The next morning, Song Zu De gathered a large group of people early to prepare for the march towards Mount Heng, among them were several people wearing cloth, holding ropes, swords and axes, looking a bit different in the crowd!

Later, after Wu Dong’s explanation, Chen Ping learned that these people were all teachers who were looking for the entrance to the vein, because there was no way to mine the vein even if they knew its location, they had to find the entrance to the vein in order to do so, if they forced themselves to open the mountain and quarry the stone from other locations, it was very easy to have accidents, and it was very likely that they would encounter some strange things!

At Song Tie’s request, she followed Chen Ping in a car and Wu Dong drove the car himself, but when they arrived at the foot of Mount Heng, they all had to walk up the mountain!

After arriving at the foot of Mount Heng, all of them got out of the car. The Mount Heng, which originally did not look too lofty, was now towering into the clouds, and all of them prepared their belongings, but climbed the mountain!

Just a short walk away, we saw a house built with green stones, and there was a large amount of fruits, cakes, and a burning incense smouldering around the house!

A number of people were kneeling on the ground, seemingly praying for something, which instantly made Chen Ping interested!

It was a bit strange for a house to suddenly appear in the middle of nowhere, with so many people worshipping.

“Mr. Chen, this is a worship to the mountain god. These people who open up mines will worship the mountain god whenever they go up to the mountains to look for new veins, just like the fishermen worship the sea god before they go to sea!”

Seeing Chen Ping’s face full of confusion, Wu Dong explained at the side!

Once Wu Dong explained, Chen Ping understood, and at that moment, Song Zu De had already led the Song family to that house, set up the prepared tributes, then lit three more incense sticks, and after bowing a few times, he led the Song family to kneel down!

Even Song Tie was no exception, kneeling directly to the ground, knowing that such a big star would normally have been rushed to get an umbrella whenever he was exposed to the sun, but at this moment he knelt directly on the stone ground and kowtowed three times, without any fuss!

After the worship ceremony, the three parties, the Song family, the Feng family and the Liu family, had finally met up!

Chen Ping also saw the Feng General that he had met not long ago, at this moment, Feng General was accompanied by an old man with a goatee, the old man wore sungla*ses and looked like a blind man, but Chen Ping felt the surge of spiritual energy from this old man’s body, this surge was much stronger than those from the warlocks!

“Could this guy be a cultivator?” Chen Ping couldn’t help but look at the old man a few more times!

At this moment, Chief Feng also saw Wu Dong and Chen Ping, and his face was instantly shocked: “You two are here too?”

“Mr. Feng, don’t worry, we were just curious and came over to see what all the fuss was about!”

Wu Dong hurriedly greeted after that General Manager Feng.

He didn’t want to offend any of them, after all, this new vein matter followed him without any relationship, no matter who of the three families ended up having the mining rights, Wu Dong was going to follow and cooperate!

“Watching the fun?” The corners of Chief Feng’s mouth lifted, “That’s great, this is a big buzz today, maybe you guys will have to stay on the mountain forever!”

Chief Feng’s words were tinged with killing intent, his eyes were full of gloom when he looked at Chen Ping, he had wanted to clean up Chen Ping for a long time, now Chen Ping had even taken the initiative to bring him to his door, so he couldn’t be blamed for that!

Hearing Feng’s words, Wu Dong’s heart trembled slightly, but he still said with a smile on his face, “Mr. Feng, you are too kind to forgive the small man, what happened in Jiangbei was our fault, we still have to cooperate in the future, don’t we!”

“Bah, cooperation my a*s, if I find the mouth of this new vein, do I still need to cooperate with you petty guys? I’ll teach this kid a lesson today to take out my anger!”

Chief Feng said, before waving his hand, and two of his men headed directly towards Chen Ping.