Phoenix Among Men Chapter 487

Although at this moment, all three knew very well in their hearts that the three families would definitely have a fierce fight on the new vein, no one would tear their faces off before they found the entrance to the new vein!

“Alright, I’ll let this kid live a little longer first!” Feng Yi snorted coldly, before leading his men towards the mountain!

Right after that, the Liu family also led their men away, and finally Song Zu De led his men to walk last!

“Master Guo, can you see how strong these two families are?”

Song Zu De asked in a small voice to Master Guo.

“That Feng family has as many as six clan masters, but that old man with the goatee I can’t see through, and as for that Liu family, there are only three clan masters, not enough to worry about!”

Master Guo said with a confident expression.

“Then I’ll be grateful to Master Guo for this one!” Song Zu De was overjoyed upon hearing this!

Chen Ping secretly smiled after hearing that Master Guo’s words, although this Master Guo’s strength was not bad, this vision of people was really not good, Chen Ping just casually scanned, there were ten Feng Family Patriarchs, and that old man was even more unfathomable, he must be an art master.

The most powerful of them all was that big man who was more than two meters tall and whose whole body was like a bronze man, don’t look at that big man’s dull gaze, but his strength was no worse than Master Guo’s!

It seems that it is not certain who will lose or win this time, this Song Zu De is too optimistic!

“Chen Ping, when we get to the Devil’s Forest ahead in a moment, you must follow me closely, if you get lost, then you’ll never get out!”

After walking for a while, Song Tie walked over to Chen Ping and said in a small voice.

“Devil’s Forest?” Chen Ping froze!

“It’s just a forest, but because this forest is particularly bizarre, many people can’t find it after they go in, there aren’t even any corpses, so it’s called the Devil’s Forest, but don’t worry, follow me closely and you’ll be fine, there are guides inside the team, they are all hunters who are always active in the mountains, even the Devil’s Forest has been in and out many times!”

Song Tie was afraid that Chen Ping would be nervous, so he explained.

“Oh, I see!” Chen Ping smiled faintly!

At this moment, not far away, that Fan Debiao looked at Song Tie’s relationship with Chen Ping, his face all green, his eyes full of jealousy and hatred!

On this journey up the mountain, there was much more spiritual energy than below, and Chen Ping ran his Heart Condensation Technique, recklessly absorbing the spiritual energy around him.

Soon, there was a jungle in front of everyone, and the Feng and Liu families were nowhere to be seen, so they had obviously gone in!

“Everyone pay attention, don’t leave the group, if you get lost in this devil forest, don’t run around, stay put and fire flares and wait for help!”

Song Zu De said loudly to the crowd!

After saying that, someone started distributing simple flares, just pull the pull ring and a red flare would rise into the air and produce red smoke!

Because there were trees inside the jungle to block the sunlight, the inside looked dark from the outside, like the bloody mouth of a beast opening up!

“Mr. Chen, I …… am a little scared!”

Wu Dong gulped and a cold sweat began to break out on his forehead!

“It’s alright, just follow me closely, don’t worry about the rest!”

Chen Ping said to Wu Dong.

Wu Dong nodded and followed behind Chen Ping with his hands clutching the flare with a death grip!

Song Tie was just a few metres in front of Chen Ping and the others, and looked back at Chen Ping and the others from time to time, afraid that Chen Ping and the others hadn’t kept up!

“Eldest Miss, Master told you to go to the front and walk with him!”

At this time, a Song family servant walked up to Song Tie and said.

“I’m not going, you tell my father that I’ll walk with Chen Ping and the others!”

Song Tie sent the subordinate away!

In fact Song Tie had his own considerations, he knew that both Chen Ping and Wu Dong were considered outsiders, if the two got lost, he was afraid that his own father wouldn’t even care, but if he was with them, Song Zu De couldn’t leave the two of them alone!