Phoenix Among Men Chapter 489

But Chen Ping didn’t expect Song Tie to be like this, he was a bit overwhelmed for a while, the body scent from Song Tie’s body rushed into Chen Ping’s nose in bursts, Chen Ping struggled to keep his mind steady!

“Close your eyes, I’ll pull you along, no matter what you hear, don’t open your eyes!”

Chen Ping said to Song Tie.

Song Tie nodded and closed her eyes, she now had immense trust in Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen, what the …… hell is going on here? Why has it suddenly fogged up?”

Wu Dong asked, puzzled.

“These are not fog, you close your eyes as well, I told you to open your eyes before opening them, no matter what sound you hear, don’t move!”

Chen Ping followed Wu Dong and said.

Wu Dong also nodded, at this time he had no other choice but to trust Chen Ping Zhi!

“Roar …………”

Suddenly this roar was getting closer and closer, and also unknown to one, there were constant sounds of fierce beasts all around, this time the whole group panicked!

“Ah …………”

A scream, coming from not far away, a scream that made everyone’s skulls explode!

Soon, from not far away, there were constant screams, followed by shouts and curses, and the sound of constant running!

Song Zu De’s face was so ugly that he hid close behind Master Guo, the only way to give him a sense of security, and that Master Guo also took up a stance, his face full of gravity!

Just then, Chen Ping brought Song Tie Du to Song Zu De’s side, and with such a thick fog, Chen Ping seemed to have unobstructed vision at all.

“Chief Song, instruct everyone, no one should move, close your eyes, don’t open your eyes when you hear any sound, just close your eyes and don’t move!”

Chen Ping said to Song Zu De.

Song Zu De was a little surprised that Chen Ping was able to find himself in such a situation, but Chen Ping told them all to close their eyes, which made Song Zu De very confused!

“What do you mean by that?” Song ZuDe asked.

“Kid, there are fierce beasts eyeing us all around now, you’re telling us to close our eyes at this time, and you’re not allowed to move, isn’t this to make us a meal in the belly of those beasts?”

Master Guo shouted at Chen Ping angrily!

“Dad, you can trust Chen Ping, he’s very strong!” At this point, Song Tie also spoke for Chen Ping!

“Stop fooling around, with Master Guo here, even if there are fierce beasts, there will be no danger!”

Song Zu De pulled Song Tie over, then reprimanded!

“A mere few fierce beasts, I can still deal with them, as long as they dare to get close, I will let them have no return!”

Master Guo snorted coldly.

Seeing this, Chen Ping shook his head helplessly, these so-called fierce beasts were nothing but illusions, they were not offensive at all, in order to disturb people’s minds and make them run around so that they could get lost in this jungle!

But no one believed him now, and Chen Ping had no choice but to take one step at a time!

Just then, a colourful tiger appeared, showing its teeth and roaring towards Chen Ping and the others!

Seeing that fierce tiger, Song Zu De was startled, while that Song Tie also held onto Song Zu De’s arm with a death grip and closed his eyes.

“Master Guo …………”

Song Zude was so frightened that he hurriedly called out to that Master Guo!

Master Guo had also seen it, his feet fiercely glared, followed by the muscles in all parts of his body tensed up, and with a cry of rage he smashed towards that fierce tiger!

But the tiger didn’t seem to care at all, still showing his teeth and roaring at the men, as if he couldn’t see Master Guo at all!

“b*****d, how dare you ignore me!”

Master Guo was furious, a tiger dared to ignore him, this made him feel disgraceful at once!

Boom …………

A fiercer punch smashed into the fierce tiger, but unexpectedly, Master Guo’s punch hit that fierce tiger as if it smashed into the air, and surprisingly, it directly penetrated through the fierce tiger’s body.