Phoenix Among Men Chapter 493

“Feng Yi, what are you talking about? This is clearly the mine entrance that collapsed out on its own, how did you find it?”

Song Zu De cursed!

That Liu Chengyin’s face was also cold: “That’s right, how does this become yours?”

“Then what do you two want?”

Feng Yi frowned, his eyes filled with a chill!

Liu Chengyin was silent, at this moment he was the weakest, he was not good at speaking up!

And that Song Zu De this was looking at Master Guo, who nodded towards him, Song Zu De then said with a confident face, “Now that the mine mouth has appeared, who will mine it, then we will speak according to our ability!”

“Good, Song Zu De, don’t regret it!” Feng Yi did not hesitate, and after he finished, he bowed directly to that Master Ma and said, “Master Ma, it’s all up to you!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Feng!”

Master Ma finished, suddenly the gas flame in his hand, followed by the flame going out, producing a thick smoke!

“Hmph, this again, a little illusion, what can it do to me!”

Master Guo snorted coldly and said to Fan Debiao, “Debiao, go teach that old man a lesson!”

“Yes!” Fan Debiao said, and rushed headlong into the smoke!

Soon, the sound of fighting rang out from the smoke, and the others could only watch from the outside, not knowing what was happening inside!

Song Zu De’s fists were clenched tightly, his palms were sweating with tension.

“There is no need to be nervous, Mr Song, De Biao has already received my true teachings, a warlock is just a warlock, a close quarters fight, he is no match at all!”

Master Guo was not the least bit afraid after knowing that the old man was a warlock!

With Master Guo saying so, Song Zu De was slightly relieved!

But just as that Master Guo finished his words, he saw a human figure fly out of the thick fog and then fall heavily to the ground!

“Debiao …………”

Master Guo’s eyes were sharp, and he could see with one glance that this was his senior disciple!

Only to see that at this moment, Fan Debiao’s chest was sunken, obviously a few broken ribs, the corners of his mouth were full of blood, he opened his mouth to say something, but as soon as he spoke, blood gushed out!

The fog dissipated, only to see that Grandmaster Ma standing with his sungla*ses on and his hands behind his back: “Who said that warlocks only know magic and cannot fight in close quarters?”

Master Ma sneered and took off the sungla*ses he had been wearing, his eyes were white and he could not see his black eyeballs at all, but this Master Ma waved towards Master Guo as if he could see, “I can defeat you just as well without using magic techniques!”

“You are a dual practitioner of arts and martial arts?” Master Guo’s face changed and his expression became gloomy!

“Cut the crap, just do it if you’re capable, if you’re not, then get lost ……”

Master Ma grinned, his voice was like an explosive thunder, hearing the hearts of many people shudder!

He really didn’t expect that this Master Ma was a dual practitioner of martial arts, so wouldn’t he have no chance of winning?

But the matter had come to this, Master Guo could not help but fight, in the end, he could only stiffen his head, his body muscles crackling and popping as he walked towards that Master Ma!

“You hurt my disciple, today I’ll receive a few strokes …………”

After Master Guo finished speaking, his body instantly flashed, heading directly towards that Grandmaster Ma.

Sure enough, this time that Grandmaster Ma didn’t use a technique, but his two ears kept twitching, and each of Master Guo’s strikes could be dodged by Grandmaster Ma!

Soon, the two were fighting like a whirlwind, the whistling strong wind making rocks fly and the crowd could only dodge!

“Master Guo, go for it!”

Song Zu De clenched his fists, secretly cheering for Master Guo, he only had this one person to rely on, if Master Guo lost, his consequences would be unthinkable!

Boom ……

After a loud sound, the figures suddenly parted, Master Guo took several steps backwards before he could stabilize himself, and that Master Ma was no stronger, taking several steps backwards before he could stand still!