Phoenix Among Men Chapter 499

Chen Ping raised his head and looked at the huge flaming palm pressing towards him, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile!

“Well, there really is something, so I’ll take it from here!”

That relaxed look on Chen Ping’s face made Grandmaster Ma’s heart flinch as the force in his hand increased a few more points and the flames became even more violent!

Rumble …………

With a loud sound, the huge palm of flame crushed Chen Ping underneath, the blazing flames directly enveloped Chen Ping, even those hard stones on the ground started to burn one after another!

The huge flames rose several meters high, even a bronze wall had been melted away, let alone a man!

“Chen Ping!”

“Mr. Chen ……”

At this moment, Song ZuDe and the Song Tie girls were all dumbfounded!

Wu Dong was also full of incredulity as he looked at the roaring flames, he really couldn’t imagine that Chen Ping had died just like that!

“Humph, a mere child, how dare you call my bluff, you don’t know how to live and die ……”

Master Ma snorted coldly, his face filled with disdain!

“Song Zu De, Liu Cheng Yin, it’s all over, after I send you on your way, the whole mountain city is mine.”

Feng Yi looked towards Song Zu De and Liu Cheng Yin, his face full of smugness!

Song Zu De and Liu Cheng Yin both looked ashen, no longer having any illusions!

On the other hand, Song Tie was biting his lips to death, “Dad, my daughter is unfilial, I can only honor you in the next life, I can’t let this beast defile me!”

As Song Tie said that, she actually slammed her head towards a big rock!

“In today’s entertainment industry, it’s not easy to have a girl as pure as you …………”

Just as Song Tie was about to hit the rock to kill himself, suddenly Chen Ping’s voice rang out!

Song Tie hurriedly looked and found Chen Ping standing in place, his body intact, not even a trace of dirty clothes could be seen!

“What’s going on with this ……?”

Song Tie couldn’t believe his eyes a bit!

The others were also shocked, all of them could not believe that such a huge fire had not brought the slightest damage to Chen Ping.

“Impossible, this can’t be …………”

That Grandmaster Ma’s eyes were wide open and he was shouting as if he was crazy!

“What’s impossible, didn’t your master teach you that in this world, everything is possible?”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly!

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe I can’t kill you …………”

Grandmaster Ma yelled and violently bit through his finger, soon fresh blood flowed out along his finger, drops of blood fell on top of the stones on the ground!

I don’t know how many drops there were, but the stones that had been stained with Master Ma’s blood actually moved, as if someone was controlling them!

The stones were then built together and turned into a two-metre tall stone man, and every time the stone man took a step, the earth trembled.

“Even if I have to use up all my blood, I will kill you!”

The words were spoken by Grandmaster Ma, but the voice came out from the stone man!

The thunderous sound made everyone cover their ears, only to feel dizzy and their ears buzzing!

“Is this a stone man? It’s a bit interesting!”

Chen Ping smiled coldly, there was really something about this Grandmaster Ma’s magic, no wonder Chen Ping felt that the aura surging from this Grandmaster Ma was quite a bit more rampant than the other magicians at the beginning!

Step by step, the stone man headed towards Chen Ping, each step creating a deep crater where all the stones were trampled to pieces!

Everyone looked at the stone man, all of them were so shocked that they couldn’t speak, and they all retreated backwards, already to the edge!

Rumble …………

When the stone man reached Chen Ping, he smashed his fist towards Chen Ping with a tremendous force as if he had smashed the whole mountain apart!