Phoenix Among Men Chapter 50

He could clearly feel that Feng Sihai had not used his full strength, but as Gu Mantian’s personal bodyguard, and in front of so many people, Tang Long’s face really had no place to put on, now he would rather be killed by Feng Sihai than admit defeat!

If he conceded defeat today, his reputation would be tarnished and he would not be able to continue to live in the circle in the future, and Gu Mantian would not use him anymore.

“Feng Sihai, use your full strength, I can die today, but I must not be defeated!”

Tang Long finished, his entire face turned red, and his body slowly began to bulge!

“Storm Fist …………”

Tang Long shouted explosively, his bulging body instantly seemed to deflate and recover as before, but Tang Long’s body rushed out like a cannonball!

Feng Sihai frowned, “It seems that you won’t die until you show your ultimate move!”

Feng Sihai’s legs crouched slightly, and the marble floor beneath his feet instantly appeared with cracks, while Feng Sihai’s clothes rose up without wind.

“I’ll fight with you!”

Tang Long’s eyes began to turn a little scarlet as he slammed his fist fiercely onto Feng Sihai!

Boom …………

There was a loud sound, like thunder shaking the sky, causing the crowd to all cover their ears!

Feng Sihai didn’t move, didn’t even sway a bit, let alone get hurt!

Tang Long was stunned, but then a rain of punches fell on Feng Sihai’s body!

Boom boom boom …………

“Almost there!” Feng Sihai finished and swung out with a punch!

Boom …………

The two men’s fists clashed, and Tang Long’s body instantly flew backwards, hitting the ground so hard that he couldn’t get up for a while!

“This …………”

This time, the crowd was dumbfounded, and Gu Mantian’s mouth grew in shock!

Lin Tianhu’s body trembled slightly, he didn’t expect Feng Sihai’s strength to be so strong already, Lin Tianhu, whose heart trembled slightly, secretly put his eyes on Chen Ping, now he was afraid that only Chen Ping could suppress that Feng Sihai!

Tang Long, who had fallen to the ground, struggled to get up, but tried twice and failed!

“Who exactly did you …… learn your hard qigong from?”

Tang Long asked in shock.

“Ye Fengchun, do you know each other?”

Feng Sihai said as he stood up straight.

Hearing this name, Tang Long’s face changed abruptly and looked scandalized, while that Lin Tianhu’s body was even shaking like a sieve!

It was obvious that this person, both of them, knew each other and was very powerful!

But the others didn’t react much, apparently unfamiliar with the name!

“Ye …… Master Ye is who you are?”

Tang Long asked.

“That’s my master, I learnt this hard qigong from him!”

When Feng Sihai’s words fell, Tang Long suddenly looked depressed, sighed and shook his head slightly, “No wonder I’m not your opponent, so you’ve already studied under Grandmaster Ye, I admit defeat!”

Tang Long had actually admitted defeat, he who was originally going to fight to the death, admitted defeat when he heard the three words Ye Fengchun!

Chen Ping frowned slightly and looked at Lin Tianhu, “Who is this Ye Fengchun?”

“Mr. Chen, Ye Fengchun is an ancient martial arts master with very strong internal strength, no one knows his true strength, and I heard that this Master Ye is now able to pick leaves and hurt people!”

Lin Tianhu’s heart was still full of lingering fears as he spoke of this Ye Fengchun!

“Picking leaves to wound people?” Chen Ping smiled faintly, “Is that so?”

Chen Ping said, picking up a toothpick and flicking his finger, the toothpick instantly shot towards Feng Sihai!

Feng Sihai had no time to react, his arm was instantly hit by the toothpick, and only a small section of the entire toothpick was still exposed!