Phoenix Among Men Chapter 501

“Please, please let me live, I’m willing to work for you as a cow and a horse!”

Feng Yi cried bitterly and knelt in front of Chen Ping, the head of the Feng family in Shancheng, but at this moment, he was kneeling in front of Chen Ping as if he was a grandson!

As Song Tie watched this scene, she didn’t know why, but her heart felt a little sad!

She didn’t understand why these people had to fight to the death for the sake of profit, only to end up with their families in ruins!

“If I were the one kneeling on the ground at this moment, would you let me go?”

Chen Ping spoke indifferently!

Feng Yi froze, slowly looked up at Chen Ping, and then slowly shook his head!

If it was Chen Ping on his knees begging for mercy at this moment, he would definitely not have let Chen Ping go!

Chen Ping smiled coldly and slapped his palm down, instantly blowing Feng Yi’s head off!

When the rest of the Feng family saw this, they fled in fear, but Chen Ping would not let them escape!

A flash of his figure was followed by a cry of misery!

In a matter of minutes, everyone in the Feng family had been turned into corpses!

Looking at Chen Ping’s ruthlessness, Song Zude gulped down a mouthful of saliva, secretly thankful that he hadn’t offended Chen Ping too much yesterday, or else the Song family would have followed the Feng family!

“Song Zu De, what I promised you, I did, I hope you won’t go back on your word either!” Chen Ping said, bending down and picking up a spiritual stone and handing it to Song Zu De, “You immediately arrange for someone to pick up this kind of stone and send it back to Mountain City!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Song Zu De didn’t even dare to ask, he did what Chen Ping explained!

“Wu Dong, you can take over the Feng family’s vein, you know this piece anyway!”

Chen Ping looked to Wu Dong Dong!

“Alright Mr. Chen!” Wu Dong nodded his head!

On the side, Liu Chengyin was trembling, at this moment, if Chen Ping asked for their Liu family’s mine vein, he wouldn’t even dare to say a word!

But Chen Ping didn’t ask for the Liu family’s veins, instead he finished his explanation and headed down the mountain!

Only then did Liu Chengyin wipe the cold sweat from his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief!

When the group walked to the edge of the Devil’s Forest and prepared to descend, they found that Master Guo had not yet left with his disciples, it turned out that they did not have a guide and did not dare to enter into it rashly, so they had been waiting!

Seeing Song Zu De and his group walking up, that Master Guo acted a bit surprised!

“Mr. Song, you …… guys are?”

Master Guo wanted to ask how Song Zu De and the others escaped, but he didn’t know how to speak!

Song Zu De coldly glanced at that Master Guo and said, “Feng Yi has been killed by Mr. Chen, there will be no more Feng family in the future Mountain City!”

“What?” Master Guo looked at Chen Ping in surprise, “What about Master Ma?”

“Hmph, that Grandmaster Ma was of course also killed by Mr. Chen!” Song ZuDe snorted coldly.

“How is that possible? That Master Ma is …………”

“You can’t, that’s because you’re not as skilled as others, Mr. Chen easily slapped that Grandmaster Ma to death, if you don’t have real skills in the future, don’t come out and disgrace yourself ……”

After Song Zu De finished, he hurriedly walked to Chen Ping’s side: “Mr. Chen, take your time …………”

Looking at the back of Song Zu De and the others, that Master Guo was full of embarra*sment, but still followed behind him and walked to the bottom of the mountain!

Back in the mountain town, Song Zu De invited Chen Ping directly to his home, he wasn’t going to let Chen Ping stay in a hotel!

Chen Ping didn’t refuse either, and let Song Zu De find himself a separate villa, as Chen Ping had to cultivate and had to be undisturbed to do so!

After settling in, Song Zu De didn’t dare to be the least bit lax and hurriedly sent someone to bring down the stones Chen Ping wanted from the mountain!

The next day, there was a large pile of pebble-like spirit stones in the courtyard of Chen Ping’s villa, and looking at them, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted up.