Phoenix Among Men Chapter 52

Feng Sihai looked at Chen Ping in horror, his heart shocked beyond words!

Under Chen Ping’s punch, Feng Sihai found that his hard qigong was useless!

“Brother, can you leave your name so that I, Feng Sihai, can come back some day to learn from you!”

Feng Sihai knew that he was no match for Chen Ping, and there was no point in fighting any longer, so Feng Sihai definitely withdrew first.

“Feng Sihai, is this your intention to leave? I tell you, with Mr. Chen here today, this is where you will be buried!”

Lin Tianhu looked at Feng Sihai with a smug face and said.

Feng Sihai’s face changed and he looked at Chen Ping with great fear, if Chen Ping really killed him, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to leave today!

“My name is Chen Ping, you can find me anytime to seek revenge, if you are not convinced, you can call up your master!”

Chen Ping knew what Feng Sihai meant and said with a cold smile.

“Mr. Chen, you can’t let the tiger return to the mountain ……”

When Lin Tianhu saw that Chen Ping was actually going to let Feng Sihai go, he immediately persuaded.

“I have my own measure, you stand down!”

Chen Ping said with a slight frown.

Seeing that Chen Ping was about to get angry, Lin Tianhu was so frightened that he dared not speak again and hurriedly retreated!

“Good, I remember, the green hills will always be there, the green water will always flow, we will meet again!”

Feng Sihai wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth and waved his hand towards his men, “Let’s go!”

Feng Sihai led his men to leave, leaving only those who were attending the banquet in the large hall again!

“Mr. Chen is really good at what he does, I’ve really seen it today!”

“Such skills at such a young age, Mr. Chen’s future is immeasurable!”

“You are really a hero!”

The crowd praised Chen Ping one after another!

Gu Mantian also did not expect that Chen Ping could drive away ghosts and subdue demons, but he was also so strong in martial arts, which made him pay more attention to Chen Ping.

“Mr. Chen, forgive my foolishness and ignorance, I hope Mr. Chen will not be offended!”

Tang Long came to Chen Ping with a face full of shame and apologized.

“No harm!” Chen Ping smiled faintly and did not take it to heart!

At this moment, Su Wenzong looked at Chen Ping, his heart couldn’t help but smile, for Su Yuqi and Chen Ping’s affair, he now raised his hands in approval!

“You know kung fu, you didn’t say anything in advance, causing me to worry about you for half a day!”

Su Yuqi pretended to be angry as she walked up to Chen Ping and then twisted him on the arm!

“Ai yell …………” Chen Ping frowned and acted in pain: “Ouch… ………”

Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping’s look and just froze: “I …… I didn’t use any force ah? How can it hurt?”

Su Yuqi was a little panicked!

“I just don’t want that Feng Sihai to hurt, I’ve been holding on hard, and you’re still twisting me …………”

Chen Ping pretended to be in pain, and his eyes were full of complaints as he looked at Su Yuqi.

“Where is the injury? Let me see, quickly give me a look, I …… I don’t know!”

Su Yuqi was panicking as she checked out Chen Ping’s body, looking like she was on the verge of tears!

All the people around could see that Chen Ping was faking it, even Su Wenzong could see it, but did not make a sound, but quietly watched the two people.

Only Su Yuqi was so concerned that she didn’t notice that Chen Ping was pretending!

“Alright, once you touch me, my injuries are all healed!”

Chen Ping saw that Su Yuqi was about to cry in anxiety, so he stopped messing with her!

As soon as Su Yuqi heard that, she immediately understood that she had been tricked!

“Good for you Chen Ping, I’ll beat you to death …………”

Su Yuqi turned towards Chen Ping and raised her fist, while Chen Ping quickly ran away!

As they watched the two fight, the crowd laughed, and Gu Wentian patted Su Wenzong’s shoulder, “Mr. Su, your Su family has a promising future!”

Of course Su Wenzong understood what Gu Wentian meant and hastily said modestly, “I still have to rely on Gu to take care of me!”

“I think it should be your Su family that takes care of me in the future!”

Gu Wentian laughed loudly!