Phoenix Among Men Chapter 523

“My family is from Kyoto!” Bai Zhan Tang smiled!

“Oh, I thought you guys were from the southwest too, Kyoto is a long way from here, what are you doing in White Sea City? Tourism?”

Shen Mengchen asked.

“Hmm!” Bai Zhan Tang didn’t know what to say, so he could only nod his head!

“Ever since this Xuan Yue Valley made a hot spring resort of some sort, there are really more people coming to Bai Hai City for tourism, I heard that soaking in the hot spring there can cure diseases, some people’s cancer can be cured, I don’t know if it’s true or not, anyway, I’ve never been there!”

Shen Mengchen chattered to herself!

“You know Xuan Yue Valley?” Chen Ping, who had been keeping his eyes slightly closed and not speaking, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Shen Mengchen and asked.

According to reason, ordinary people shouldn’t know about a place like Xuan Yue Valley, so how come there was a resort?

“Of course I know about it, all of us in Baihai City know about it. Not only does the resort have hot springs, but it also has a temple for people to pray, and there is a master inside who is particularly spiritual in divination, but my father said it was all a trick, so he never let me go!” Shen Mengchen said.

Chen Ping nodded slightly, re-closed his eyes slightly and did not speak, it seems that this Xuan Yue Valley in the eyes of ordinary people, is a tourist holiday place, as for the deeper things, I think ordinary people will not know!

Seeing Chen Ping turn back around and close his eyes again and stop talking, Shen Mengchen directly gave Chen Ping a white glance with a disgusted look on her face, and then saw that Bai Zhan Tang said: “Senior, you haven’t said what your name is, you guys went to Baihai City, did you go to Xuan Yue Valley? I look at your face with these words, although you are not young, but you must not have a girlfriend yet!”

“My name is Bai Zhan Tang, this time I am indeed going to Xuan Yue Valley, and I really don’t have a girlfriend either!” Bai Zhan Tang smiled slightly before jokingly saying, “You don’t really know how to read faces, do you?”

“Of course it’s true, how could I lie to you, my dad is a famous face reading master in Baihai City, nicknamed Shen Yi, just one look from my dad and he can tell the identity of the person’s origin clearly!”

Shen Mengchen said with a proud face.

“So powerful?” Bai Zhantang gasped, if it was that powerful, then it was really the same as a god!

“Of course it’s awesome, although I only learned a little bit from my dad, but I can tell that this guy doesn’t look good, but he has a lot of luck with peach blossoms, a lot of girls like him, it seems there’s a big star who likes him!”

Shen Mengchen said as she looked at Chen Ping in the pa*senger seat.

Because Chen Ping wasn’t willing to take her at first, plus the fact that Chen Ping kept quiet, this made Shen Mengchen have a very bad impression of Chen Ping!

“Big star?” Bai Zhantang looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled expression, he didn’t know that there was still a big star who liked Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s eyes were slightly closed at this moment, but he was also a little shocked inwardly, the big star this Shen Mengchen was talking about should be Song Tie, back in Shancheng, Song Tie’s affection for Chen Ping, Chen Ping could actually feel it!

“However, although this guy is very lucky with his peach blossoms, he will eventually fail many girls, and in the near future, he will have a big calamity!”

Shen Mengchen looked at Chen Ping and continued.

“What big calamity?” Bai Zhantang hurriedly asked.

If what happened to the Qin family was considered a great calamity, then it must be, after all, Chen Ping had killed Qin Feng, and the Qin family would never let it go!

“I can’t tell, I can’t see through a lot of things about this guy, but it’s definitely a life and death robbery ……”

Shen Mengchen said as she frowned and carefully sized up Chen Ping.

Bai Zhantang looked at Chen Ping, who at this time was still slightly closing his eyes, as if he was asleep and hadn’t heard at all.

“Drive well!” Chen Ping spoke indifferently!