Phoenix Among Men Chapter 525

After a simple bandage, Xu Shimao gritted his teeth and stood up, looking at Shen Mengchen with hatred in his eyes, he felt that his accident was all because of this little girl’s curse.

The driver of the lorry was not seriously hurt, and it was lucky that he had hit Xu Shimao’s car, otherwise he would have been in real danger.

Without stopping too long, Xu Shimao got into the other car and drove again, they had to get to Baihai City before dark!

This time it went smoothly, and the group arrived at White Sea City before the sun went down!

“Senior, let’s leave a message for each other, since you guys saved me, I have to show it anyway!”

After arriving at Baihai City, Shen Mengchen said to Bai Zhantang.

Bai Zhan Tang nodded, leaving contact information for each other, and Shen Mengchen left!

Chen Ping and the others found a hotel to stay in, and since they had been in the car for so long, they simply rinsed off, and Bai Zhan Tang and Chen Ping all rested!

But not long after they laid down, Bai Zhantang received a call from Shen Mengchen, saying that he had invited them to his home for dinner and to thank them for saving his life!

Bai Zhan Tang wanted to go because he wanted to ask Shen Meng Chen’s father to read his face so that he could know his future fortune, but he didn’t dare to make the decision, so he had to ask Chen Ping.

Chen Ping also knew what Bai Zhantang meant and didn’t refuse, so he nodded his head!

Not long after, a Rolls Royce Phantom arrived at the entrance of the hotel and took Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping to Shen Mengchen’s home!

Shen Mengchen’s home was an ancient courtyard that covered a large area and was decorated in a style that smelled like a former imperial palace.

Looking at the courtyard, a magnificent gentry like Bai Zhan Tang couldn’t help but sigh in admiration, “This is too luxurious, following the former emperor’s palace is practically no different!”

“Senior …………”

Shen Mengchen suddenly jumped out and shouted at Bai Zhantang, looking very happy, but for Chen Ping, that Shen Mengchen ignored it!

“Schoolmate!” Bai Zhantang said with a faint smile!

“Let’s go, my dad is all ready ……”

Shen Mengchen led Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping towards the restaurant, the three of them walked around and around for a while before they arrived, if we let Chen Ping and Bai Zhantang and the two of them look for themselves, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to find it for a short time!

At this time, the restaurant had already been filled with delicious food, and there were several subordinates serving at the side!

“Eldest Miss …………”

When they saw Shen Mengchen coming, several underlings hurriedly shouted.

“Where is my father? Inform him that the guests have arrived ……”

Shen Mengchen said to the subordinates.

“Got it!” The subordinate nodded his head!

Shen Mengchen happily greeted Bai Zhan Tang, leaving Chen Ping hanging on the sidelines, which made Bai Zhan Tang feel a little awkward, looking at Chen Ping from time to time with an apologetic face!

Chen Ping was unconcerned and sat quietly by the side, without much expression!

Not long after, an old man dressed in a Zhongshan suit with white hair and beard walked in, the old man was kind-eyed and looked like Shen Mengchen, this man was Shen’s father, Shen Dianshan!

“Dad, this is the senior I told you about, the one who saved my life, Bai Zhan Tang …………”

Seeing Shen Dianshan come in, Shen Mengchen hurriedly greeted him and pointed at Bai Zhantang and said.

Bai Zhan Tang and Chen Ping saw Shen Mengchen’s father and were both slightly stunned, with this Shen Dansan’s age, I’m afraid it’s more than enough to be Shen Mengchen’s grandfather!

After looking at Bai Zhan Tang and Chen Ping, Shen Dansan’s face smiled slightly, “Thank you both for saving my daughter, I hope you won’t be offended if I prepare a light meal today!”

“Uncle Shen you are welcome, in fact it was all because of Mr. Chen’s hand that saved my schoolmate ……”

Bai Zhan Tang said with an embarra*sed face.

“No matter who it was, my daughter was also saved by the two of you, please sit down quickly!”

Shen Dingshan politely made an inviting gesture!