Phoenix Among Men Chapter 535

“I understand!” The Third Elder nodded his head repeatedly!

The Third Elder led Chen Ping and his group towards the depths of Xuan Yue Valley!

And at this moment, in the hall of the Xuan Yue Valley’s main camp, Qian Feng was playing chess with the Grand Elder, something Qian Feng loved to do when he had nothing else to do!

“It’s time to get the secret manual and exterminate that Shen Dianshan, you guys get his daughter here as soon as possible, I’ve already gotten word that his daughter has returned from Kyoto!”

Qian Feng said to the Eldest Elder.

“Lao San is already preparing, I believe we’ll have results in a few days!”

The Eldest Elder said respectfully!

“By the way, how come it’s been so long and more than twenty young girls can’t get it right?”

Qian Feng asked with some slight anger.

“Valley Master, I’ve already asked, you also know that in the current society, girls are very open now, Lao San has captured quite a few girls, it’s just a pity that not many of them are intact bodies, so it’s a bit slow!”

The eldest explained!

“Humph, these women who don’t know shame …………”

Qian Feng snorted coldly, pinched up a chess piece and dropped it!

But at that moment, inside the clay pot beside Qian Feng, a sudden movement rang out, and the parasite inside seemed to be frightened by something!

Qian Feng was stunned and hurriedly opened it to take a look, and his face instantly changed!

“Valley Master, what’s wrong?” The Grand Elder asked.

Qian Feng reached out and pulled out a large sized parasite from inside the clay jar and said with a tight frown, “The Third Elder is dead ……”

“What? Old Third Elder is dead?” The Eldest Elder was filled with disbelief!

“This is his compulsion, now that the compulsion is dead, it proves that the Third Elder is dead, who killed him anyway?”

Qian Feng said with a gloomy face!

“Could it be someone from the Kyoto Dharma Protecting Pavilion? We’ve killed quite a few people from the Dharma Protector Pavilion recently, it could be someone from the Kyoto Dharma Protector Pavilion!”

The Grand Elder pondered slightly!

“It’s possible!” Qian Feng nodded, “You take someone to check it out, if it really is the people from the Kyoto Dharma Protecting Pavilion, don’t clash with them yet, if that Zhao Wuji personally leads the team, it will be troublesome, our current strength is not enough to follow the Kyoto Dharma Protecting Pavilion, we have to avoid its front for now!”

Qian Feng ordered to the Grand Elder.

“Good!” The Grand Elder got up, turned around and walked out.

“Hmph, when I have learnt the Five Poisons Great Technique, what is the Kyoto Dharma Protecting Pavilion worth!”

A cold aura flashed in Qian Feng’s eyes!


The Third Elder led Chen Ping and the others had already left the resort and reached the hinterland of Xuan Yue Valley, where Chen Ping had been before, and there was a formation blocking them right in front, which was supposed to serve as a warning!

“Mr Chen, there is a formation up ahead, as soon as a stranger barges in, Qian Feng will know, I will open the formation first now!”

The Third Elder finished speaking and walked towards a stone wall!

“No need to go to that much trouble!” Chen Ping spoke indifferently, and with a flick of his finger, a red light shot out!

After touching the formation, the red light quickly spread and then disappeared!

After doing all this, Chen Ping spoke indifferently, “Let’s go!”

With incredulity in his eyes, the Third Elder rolled the knot of his throat twice before continuing to lead the way in front!

Xu Shimao, who had been following behind, looked at Chen Ping’s strength at this time, and his entire face was on fire, he had always seen Chen Ping as a gentry without strength, but he didn’t expect Chen Ping’s strength to be so high!

Now he could understand why Zhao Wuji had asked him to pick up Chen Ping and why he dared to send him to bring people to destroy Xuan Yue Valley, because with Chen Ping’s presence, Zhao Wuji was at ease!

After continuing to walk forward for a few hundred meters, the light became even dimmer, and the temperature was getting lower and lower, making people feel an eerie coolness!

Shen Mengchen was cold and tightened her collar. Bai Zhantang took the opportunity to put his arm around Shen Mengchen so that she could warm up a bit, and Shen Mengchen didn’t struggle!