Phoenix Among Men Chapter 538

Once the group reached the cold pool, it got even colder, only to see that the cold pool split the gorge in two, and to get to the other side, you had to cross it to get there!

The cold pool was bubbling with cold air and the whole water was so foggy that nothing could be seen, only a few small boats were floating on the side!

“Mr. Chen, look at …………”

The Grand Elder said, picking up a stone and throwing it towards the cold pool!

The water splashed up, followed by several black shadows scurrying out of the water, and then quickly falling back and disappearing!

“These are all the poisonous creatures that Qian Feng raised, he got all these poisonous creatures from the Miao Village, I heard that this Qian Feng has something to do with the Miao Village!”

The Eldest Elder continued to say to Chen Ping.

“Even if he has something to do with God, he will definitely die today!” Chen Ping had a determined look on his face “You guys wait here, I’ll go there myself!”

When Chen Ping finished speaking, he was about to leap up and jump onto a small boat when he suddenly noticed a group of people appear across the cold pool, and then they all got into the boat and came across!

“Qian Feng, it’s Qian Feng …………”

The Grand Elder’s face was slightly shocked after seeing the people on the first boat!

After all, having been controlled by Qian Feng for so many years, there was still fear in his heart now!

At this moment, Qian Feng also found the four elders and Chen Ping and them, and frowned slightly, “Aren’t you four already dead? What’s going on here?”

Qian Feng’s voice was cold and indifferent, and a cold aura erupted from his eyes!

The four elders looked at each other, none of them dared to make a sound, with panic in their eyes.

Seeing this, Chen Ping looked towards that Qian Feng and said, “You are this Xuan Yue Valley Valley Master Qian Feng?”

“Not bad, who is Your Excellency?” Qian Feng stared intently at Chen Ping!

“My name is Chen Ping!”

As soon as Chen Ping’s words fell, one could only see that Qian Feng’s body tremble slightly, followed by an endless fury erupting from his body!

“So you are the Chen Ping who killed my Protector!” Qian Feng looked at Chen Ping angrily, and then looked at the four elders in confusion, “What’s wrong with you four? The enemy of Xuan Yue Valley is right in front of you, and you are indifferent, why don’t you quickly take him down?”

None of the four elders moved, no one dared to move, they had experienced Chen Ping’s strength, the four of them together were no match!

Seeing the four elders did not move, Qian Feng’s eyes faintly stared, seemed to think of something: “I did not expect that someone had broken my compulsion, no wonder these four guys did not listen, but even if you can break my compulsion, so what, come to Xuan Yue Valley, this is your grave …… ”

“This is your grave ……”

“This is your tomb ……”

Qian Feng’s voice was incomparably loud and echoed throughout the Xuan Yue Valley.

The water in the entire cold pool actually began to boil, as if it was boiling white, scaring Bai Zhan Tang and the four elders back!

Chen Ping looked at Qian Feng with an indifferent face, a cold glint in his eyes, “It’s too early to make a definite conclusion as to whose grave this is!”

After saying that, Chen Ping leapt up and landed on top of a small boat, with a light wave of his palm, the boat flew towards that Qian Feng!

“Mr. Chen be careful, you must not fight with him above the cold pool ……”

Seeing this, the Great Elder hurriedly barked at Chen Ping!

“You traitors, I will break you into pieces ……”

Qian Feng was furious, his palms pushed violently, a huge qi swept the entire water of the cold pool up, monstrous waves smashed towards Chen Ping, the poisonous creatures in the cold pool also came out of the water, towards the four elders and Bai Zhan Tang and the others on the shore!

“Retreat …………”

Seeing this, the First Elder shouted out in frightened haste and flew backwards!

Seeing this, Chen Ping’s body lifted up violently, then hurriedly retreated backwards, and as he did so, his hands were waved out, and his endless aura directly crushed that monstrous wave!