Phoenix Among Men Chapter 555

Early the next morning, Song Tie sent someone to bring Chen Ping tickets, all with front row seats!

Chen Ping saw that it was still early for the show to start, so he went back to sleep!

At Hongcheng Stadium, Chen Yingxia was waiting anxiously at the entrance with two female students!

“Yingxia, can your brother really get a ticket? I know that the tickets were sold out a long time ago and many people got them from scalpers at a high price!”

A female student asked to Chen Yingxia.

“My brother is very good, if he says he can get them, he can definitely get them!”

Chen Yingxia had great trust in Chen Ping, in Chen Yingxia’s eyes, Chen Ping had even cleaned up Chen Dogzi, so he must be a great man!

“Then call your brother, hurry up and send the tickets, we’re about to enter ……”

Another female student urged anxiously!

“I’ve called, it’s off!” Chen Yingxia was also very anxious at this moment!

Just then, three 17 or 18 year old boys came over, one of them with earrings and a flowing look!

Seeing these three boys, Chen Yingxia looked a bit scared and panicked!

“Yingxia, do you guys not have tickets?”

The boy with the earrings asked.

Chen Yingxia just looked at the boy and didn’t say anything!

It was the girl who said, “Yingxia said his brother got us tickets!”

“Haha, do you guys know how hard it is to get these tickets? Let me tell you, for this concert, my dad is also a sponsor, so I got a few tickets for the front row ……”

The boy took out a few tickets and waved them in front of Chen Yingxia and the girls!

As soon as they heard that they were front row tickets, the two girls beside Chen Yingxia’s eyes went straight, and Chen Yingxia couldn’t help but look at them twice more!

“Brother Poe, can you let us have a look?”

The two girls asked with flattering faces to the boy.

“Yes!” The boy handed the tickets to the two girls, and they couldn’t stop looking at them!

“If Ying Xia can promise to be my girlfriend and give me a kiss before, I can give you this ticket ……”

The boy said with a playful look on his face.

“Really?” The two girls got excited when they heard that, “Yingxia, Poe’s family is a big businessman, they have money, so why don’t you agree to be his girlfriend?”

“Yes, if you give Brother Poe a kiss, we’ll get tickets, or tenth row seats, and we won’t even need binoculars to see Song Tie!”

Chen Yingxia had just transferred over, so she didn’t have many friends, these two girls were considered her best friends, but at this moment, she even persuaded herself to kiss that Zhang Jianpo for the tickets!

“How can you two do that, I don’t like him, much less kiss him!”

Chen Yingxia said with a slight frown.

“Yingxia, a kiss won’t kill you, what age is it now, you’re still so conservative!”

“That’s right, you’re an interloper from the countryside, it’s your destiny for Brother Poe to take a fancy to you, why don’t you know how to be precious?”

The two girls were desperately trying to persuade Chen Yingxia in order to get the tickets!

“I don’t want the tickets, if you want them, you can ask for them yourselves, my brother will give me the tickets, I trust him!”

Chen Yingxia pulled away after the two girls!

“Your brother lied to you, if he had the tickets, he would have come long ago, now he even has his mobile phone switched off, don’t even think about it!”

“Your brother is also from the countryside, no matter how capable he is, how capable can he be? I don’t think he can even manage to get tickets for the last row!”

The two girls said with a bit of contempt on their faces.

Seeing this, Chen Yingxia slightly lowered her head and stopped talking, a little sad inside, after all, these were her two good friends, but now for a ticket, they were talking about her like that!

“Chen Yingxia, since you don’t know how to behave, then just take your time and wait here!”

The corners of Zhang Jianpo’s mouth lifted, before snatching the tickets back from the two girls’ hands!