Phoenix Among Men Chapter 557

“Are you calling for me, sister? Such a pretty one, it won’t look good if you get angry!”

Zhang Jianbo walked up to Su Yuqi with a bad smile on his face!

Su Yuqi frowned: “A hairy child, where did he learn these stinky things ……”

“Sister, I’m not a child anymore, I know all that you know, I can play all that you can play, want to try it?”

Zhang Jianpo said with a lecherous smile.

Snap …………

The first time the words came out, Su Yuqi smacked him, a teenage kid, and he dared to talk to himself like that!

The two men who came with him hurriedly came forward to help Zhang Jianpo, and also took out a knife from his body.

Looking at a couple of kids in their teens with knives on them, Su Yuqi froze and looked a bit helpless all of a sudden!

“You dare to hit me, do you know who I am? My dad is Zhang Yi ……”

Zhang Jianpo shouted angrily at Su Yuqi!

“You’re the son of the old Zhang family?” Su Yuqi said as she shot a glance at Zhang Jianpo.

“Yuqi, ignore them, let’s go in ……”

Chen Ping didn’t want to follow a bunch of kids to settle anything, all of them were just rash, what could they do if they were killed?

Su Yuqi didn’t want to care about them either, she nodded and was ready to go in together!

“Beating up Poe and then wanting to leave, it’s not that easy ……”

One of Zhang Jianpo’s companions beside him, after yelling out, took a knife and stabbed towards Su Yuqi!

At a young age, he was so ruthless!

This stunned Su Yuqi!

Seeing this, Gu Ling’er, who was beside Su Yuqi, grabbed the knife and broke the man’s wrist!

“At such a young age, you are so vicious ……”

Gu Ling’er looked at the other man with anger!

Chen Ping was also frowning slightly at this time, he didn’t want to be ordinary with these kids, but these guys were so ruthless!

“Ah …………”

The guy who had his wrist broken howled in pain, while that Zhang Jianpo looked at his companion’s appearance and was instantly scared to the point of cold sweat!

He didn’t expect his opponent to strike so hard and break his wrist in one go.

The harsh screams drew many people to run past to watch.

Meanwhile, in a room at the stadium, Song Tie was following a few sponsors to discuss the concert!

That Zhang Jianpo’s father, Zhang Yi, was also among them, just sitting on the edge, because anyone who was here was in a higher position of power than him!

“Miss Song, there’s a disturbance at the entrance of the concert, a lot of people have gathered now, it’s going to affect the performance!”

A staff member hurriedly ran in and said!

Song Tie frowned: “Do you know who they are?”

“Not sure, it seems to be some 17 or 18 year old students, it seems that there is a leader named Zhang Jianpo ……”

The staff said.

“My son?” Zhang Yi, who had been sitting on the edge, jerked to his feet!

“Mr. Zhang, your son is leading people to cause trouble at the entrance of the concert, if it affects the performance, there is money in this for your Zhang family too!”

Song Tie said as he looked at Zhang Yi with an unhappy face.

Don’t look at Song Tie as just an actor, but who doesn’t know the strength of the Song family, where can anyone compare in this tiny Hongcheng!

“Miss Song don’t worry, I’ll go out and take a look …………”

Zhang Yi wiped his cold sweat and hurriedly walked out!

After that Zhang Yi left, Song Tie said to the staff, “Xiao Liu, I have a friend who will come later, take the head row tickets, let them not have to queue, you can bring it in directly, I have his photo here ……”

Song Tie gave the staff the photos of Chen Ping, these photos were secretly taken by Song Tie for Chen Ping!

When the staff member saw the photos, he was immediately shocked and said, “Miss Song, this is the person who started the conflict and trouble at the entrance!”

“What?” Song Tie was shocked and hurriedly stood up and hurriedly walked out!

The sponsors also hurriedly followed him out!