Phoenix Among Men Chapter 559

Song Tie also smiled, she knew Chen Ping’s strength, it would be really funny if he was bullied by a teenage hairy kid!

“Mr. Chen …………”

When those sponsors behind Song Tie saw Chen Ping, they all hurried forward and greeted him respectfully!

Who didn’t know Chen Ping in the entire high society of Hong City now?

Chen Ping only nodded slightly as a greeting.

“Alright, let’s go in, it’s a mess outside ……”

Song Tie saw a lot of people around and many fanatical fans shouting, not a place to chat, so he said!

Chen Ping nodded, and then said to Chen Yingxia, “Yingxia, it’s alright, let’s go in!”

“This is?”

Song Tie looked at Chen Yingxia with a questioning gaze!

“This is my cousin ……”

Chen Ping introduced!

As soon as Song Tie heard this, he looked at Chen Yingxia with a smile on his face, “So it’s cousin, let’s go, follow sister in ……”

Song Tie personally went forward to take Chen Yingxia’s hand and walked towards the inside of the venue!

Chen Yingxia looked at Song Tie who was close at hand, her whole body was stunned, her mouth was open, she was excited and didn’t know what to do.

Song Tie was her idol, and now he was holding her hand, Chen Yingxia felt like her heart was about to burst out of her chest.

As many people around her watched this scene, they were all so envious that their eyes were about to fall out!

Especially the two female cla*smates of Chen Yingxia, looking at Song Tie who actually took Chen Yingxia’s hand personally and looked like he was familiar with Chen Yingxia’s brother, the two of them were going to regret this moment!

“Yingxia …………”

The two female students hurriedly shouted towards Chen Yingxia!

They hoped that Chen Yingxia could bring them in as well.

Chen Yingxia only looked back at them and then turned her head back, not paying any attention to them, for Chen Yingxia had just given them so many chances, but they didn’t appreciate it at all!

Song Tie also seemed to see something in Chen Yingxia’s eyes, so he said to the staff, “These people are of bad character, they are not allowed in the concert ……”

After saying that, Song Tie pulled Chen Yingxia into the venue, while Chen Ping followed behind, Su Yuqi’s eyes kept looking at Chen Ping, she always felt that this Song Tie followed Chen Ping as if there was something wrong with him!

Chen Ping could only tilt his head and pretend not to see Su Yuqi looking at himself as he walked quickly towards the inside of the venue!

“Mr. Chen …… Mr. Chen …………”

Zhang Yi was lying on the ground, seeing Chen Ping walking away without saying a word to himself, he hurriedly shouted!

But Chen Ping didn’t pay any attention to him, until after Chen Ping’s figure had entered the venue, Zhang Yi’s entire body sat down on the ground!

“Dad …………”

Zhang Jianpo trembled and shouted in a small voice!

Slap …………

Zhang Yi was full of anger as he slapped Zhang Jianpo’s face again!

“You b*****d, the Zhang family will be defeated by your hands sooner or later, I will break your legs when I return ……”

Zhang Yi roared loudly!


Chen Ping and the others were placed in the first row, a position that no amount of money could buy, looking at Song Tie who was dancing and singing on stage, Chen Ping chose to close his eyes!

Because he noticed that Song Tie’s eyes were always looking at himself on stage, and there was a bit of tenderness in his eyes!

Chen Ping didn’t dare to have any bad thoughts, so he simply closed his eyes and didn’t look, so that he couldn’t find anything wrong with himself!

“Sister Song is fantastic, so beautiful, I love it so much ……”

Chen Yingxia looked at Song Tie on the stage and shouted excitedly like a little fan girl!

“Yingxia, let me ask you something!”

Su Yuqi said to Chen Yingxia who was full of excitement.

“Sister-in-law, what is it?” Chen Yingxia asked.