Phoenix Among Men Chapter 564

“Pavilion Master Zhao, I just want to say a few words, is this also illegal?”

Qin Xiaotian said with a playful smile!

Zhao Wuji didn’t say anything, he just looked at Qin Xiaotian coldly!

“Whatever you want to say, feel free to say it ……”

Chen Ping took two steps forward and looked at Qin Xiaotian indifferently!

Qin Xiaotian took a glance up and down at Chen Ping and said with a grim face, “Kid, no matter what kind of strength you have, if you dare to kill my nephew, my Qin family will never let you go, you came to Kyoto, don’t think about leaving ……”

Qin Xiaotian’s threat to Chen Ping didn’t bother Chen Ping, while those people next to him were all stunned, they never thought that Chen Ping was the one who killed Qin Feng!

This was the son of the Qin family, so he killed him, and he dared to come to the capital, he had too much guts!

At this point many people became intensely interested in Chen Ping’s identity, someone who dared to kill Qin Feng, provoke the Qin family, and who Bai Xiushan and Zhao Wuji were so respectful, his identity must not be simple!

“If you feel that the death of a Qin Feng in the Qin family is not enough, you can continue to come and provoke me ……”

Chen Ping said with a cold smile!

“You …………” Qin Xiaotian’s eyes were wide open, the bones in his body cackled, if Zhao Wuji and Bai Xiushan weren’t here, he would have made his move already!

“Kid, you have guts, we’ll see!” Qin Xiaotian finished speaking and turned around with the old man and entered a room within the lobby!

“Mr. Chen’s direction, in Kyoto, my Bai family will definitely do their utmost to protect Mr. Chen’s well-being ……”

Bai Xiushan said with a big vote of confidence!

Chen Ping smiled faintly and nodded his head!

Chen Ping followed Bai Xiushan into another room inside the lobby, but only Chen Ping and Bai Xiushan were able to enter, everyone else was stopped outside.

After entering, he saw that there were also some antique porcelains inside, but the quantity was obviously much less, and the aura inside was also a bit more abundant, proving that these antiques were even older than the ones outside!

In the middle of the room, there was a large eight immortals table with chairs around it, and in the middle of the table sat two people, a middle-aged man with gla*ses, and beside him was an old man with an extraordinary aura and a taste of immortality!

“Mr. Chen, this is Hong Kong businessman Zou Zhaolong, and sitting beside him is the number one Chinese and Hong Kong spell master Yuan Baozhong, this time I heard that Zou Zhaolong brought an ancient magic weapon, so he invited Master Yuan here as well, those who can get inside this room are the several big families in Kyoto, others are not qualified at all!”

Bai Xiushan whispered to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping nodded, around that Eight Immortals table, there were not many people sitting, each person had a teacher beside them, presumably they were invited to discern the authenticity and merit of the magic weapon, Qin Xiaotian with that old man was also sitting in it!

Bai Xiushan took Chen Ping to sit opposite Qin Xiaotian, beside Bai Xiushan there was also an old man with silver hair, dressed in a white button-down shirt, with a somewhat chilly body, his eyes half-smiling and half-closed!

“Mr. Chen, this is Master He whom I invited here, specially to palm my eyes for me ……” Bai Xiushan followed Chen Ping and introduced him, and then said to that Master He: “Master He, this is Mr. Chen ……”

That Master He ignored Bai Xiushan and didn’t even look at Chen Ping, his voice indifferent, “Master Bai does not trust me, why find someone else?”

“Master He misunderstood, Mr. Chen just came over to take a casual look, he still needs to ask Master He to do something later ……”

Bai Xiushan hurriedly explained!

Although Chen Ping was a cultivator, but for this piece of antique magic weapon, Bai Xiushan did not think that Chen Ping could surpa*s these experienced masters, after all, there were specialties in the art.

“Hm!” Seeing Bai Xiushan explain in this way, this Master He only nodded slightly.