Phoenix Among Men Chapter 566

“Boss Zou, those who can sit here are not ordinary people, we have all hired masters to do the eyesight, maybe not as good as Master Yuan in China and Hong Kong, but we can still distinguish the real from the fake, you are bamboozling us with an ordinary wooden bead, this is a bit unjustified, right?”

Qin Xiaotian said to Zou Zhaolong with slight dissatisfaction.

Qin Xiaotian’s words immediately made that Zou Zhaolong embarra*sed: “What are you talking about, Boss Qin, I also spent a lot of money to acquire this, if you think it is fake, then I will put it outside the auction house, we have been cooperating for many years, how could I possibly deceive you ……”

After saying that, Zou Zhaolong waved his hand, and immediately someone took that rosary away.

The second wooden box was opened by Zou Zhaolong, and when this box was opened, inside was a rusty bronze mirror, as if it had just been dug out of the mud!

When Zou Zhaolong took the bronze mirror out of the wooden box, a buzzing sound suddenly rang out, followed by the crowd feeling a blinding light shooting out from the bronze mirror!

“Gentlemen, this bronze mirror is thousands of years old, I heard that this is an object used by Yang Guifei’s royal family, and it can drive away evil spirits and avoid disasters ……”

Zou Zhaolong said, suddenly shining the bronze mirror towards the crowd, the crowd saw in the bronze mirror, a black cloud over their heads, their faces pale and hideous!

This frightened the crowd into looking over their heads, then looked around again and found that there was nothing strange at all!

“All you have to do is look into the bronze mirror every day, and all calamities can be avoided!”

Zou Zhaolong continued as he put away the bronze mirror!

“It’s really good stuff ……”

Master He, who had been keeping his eyes half closed, opened them and looked a little excited as he said!

“Master He, you say this bronze mirror is real?”

Bai Xiushan was delighted!

Grandmaster He nodded, “This bronze mirror is indeed a magic weapon, yet it has the ability to remove disasters and avoid calamities!”

Seeing Master He say so, Bai Xiushan was overjoyed and ready to take this bronze mirror down!

The old man beside that Qin Xiaotian was also whispering in Qin Xiaotian’s ear, not knowing what he was saying, but that Qin Xiaotian was also full of excitement after listening!

Seeing the crowd’s performance, that Zou Zhaolong smiled faintly, “Gentlemen, the reserve price of this bronze mirror is twenty million, each bid will be increased by at least one million ……”

“I bid twenty million ……”

As soon as Zou Zhaolong’s words fell, Bai Xiushan shouted impatiently!

“Twenty-one million ……”

“Twenty-two million ……”

Bids began to be competed for, the scramble was fierce!

“Thirty million ……”

Qin Xiaotian suddenly shouted out thirty million directly.

“Forty million ……” Bai Xiushan directly raised his bid by ten million, looking like he was determined to win!

“Bai Lao, this bronze mirror does not have the ability to remove disasters and avoid calamities, it is just an ordinary antique, and this bronze mirror is tainted with a lot of grievances, not only can it not remove disasters and avoid calamities, if you put it in your bedroom, it will also affect your sleep!”

Chen Ping whispered to Bai Xiushan and persuaded him!

“Mr. Chen also knows about magic weapons?” Bai Xiushan was stunned!

“Just a little knowledge!” Chen Ping said indifferently.

“Humph, how dare you say that at such a young age? Do you know that one cannot succeed in spell cultivation without decades of experience, and that the identification of spell tools requires even more experience?

That Master He’s face was furious as he coldly reprimanded Chen Ping!

When Chen Ping said that, it was like he was wrong, so how could Master He not be angry, not to mention that Chen Ping was only in his early twenties, so Master He felt even more insulted!

“Don’t be angry, Master He, Mr. Chen just made a casual remark!” Bai Xiushan hurriedly explained, afraid that Master He would get angry and leave with a brush of his sleeve.