Phoenix Among Men Chapter 581

Yuan Baozhong saw this and stepped forward to block Zou Zhaolong’s body, his aura exploded, his clothes were windless, a burst of cold aura became thicker and thicker, the temperature in the whole room instantly dropped by several degrees!

“The first thing you can do is to get a good deal on this matter, but don’t forget that this is Kyoto. A strong dragon cannot suppress a local snake, my men will be here soon ……”

Qin Xiaotian didn’t want to follow Yuan Baozhong in a fight, after all, the other party was an art master with an illustrious reputation, Qin Xiaotian was really afraid that he couldn’t beat him!

“Cut the crap, if you make a move against Boss Zou, then you are making a move against me, Yuan ……”

Yuan Baozhong was not the least bit afraid of Qin Xiaotian!

“Then don’t blame me ……”

Only to see Qin Xiaotian holding a soft sword gently shake, immediately after the room inside the flash of dazzling white light, just by looking at this strike, it is known that this Qin Xiaotian’s strength is not low, has long been the realm of Grand Master!

The sword is incomparably sharp speed extremely fast towards that Yuan Baozhong and go!

The other people have hidden to the side, this matter they will not participate, whether it is the Qin family or Zou Zhaolong, they will not help anyone, after all, the victory is unknown, offend anyone is not good!

“Humph, ignorant little children ……”

Yuan Baozhong snorted coldly, only to see Yuan Baozhong’s sleeve robe bulge as if blown up by a blower as he gently swung forward!

Ding …………

A crisp sound, Qin Xiaotian’s sword only saw to cut on top of that Yuan Baozhong’s sleeve, surprisingly, it made a steel-like clashing sound!

Such a sharp sword had failed to even pierce the other party’s sleeve, which caused Qin Xiaotian’s face to instantly turn ugly!

“Boss Qin, we don’t want the remaining five billion dollars, I’ll give you this eight trigrams plate to lay a feng shui formation, and let’s just forget about it, how about that?”

Yuan Baozhong didn’t want to follow Qin Xiaotian to the death, after all, this is Kyoto, if he really hurt Qin Xiaotian, the Qin family will definitely move in all directions, then whether they can still leave Kyoto, is an unknown!

“Impossible …………”

Qin Xiaotian gritted his teeth to death, his eyes filled with anger!

Things had come to this point, how could he possibly give in, so many people were watching, if he agreed, what face would he have in Kyoto in the future!

“Don’t you force me to kill you ……”

Yuan Baozhong frowned slightly!

“Come on!” Qin Xiaotian roared angrily, followed by a burst of violent aura emanating from his body.

The longsword in his hand once again swung up, this time with an even stronger sword aura, directly enveloping Yuan Baozhong and that Zou Zhaolong!

He was not a martial artist, but simply a businessman. Although he had seen the world, he had never seen such a battle before!

Especially being enveloped by this sword mane, that sense of oppression made his heart tremble, although he had Yuan Baozhong protecting him, Zou Zhaolong was still a bit scared!

Had he known that the Qin family was so powerful, he wouldn’t have cheated so much money, but who knew that a fake Eight Trigrams Plate would give an auction price of ten billion!

If it wasn’t for him, how could Qin Xiaotian have discovered that the Eight Trigrams Plate was a fake?

Zou Zhaolong glared viciously at Chen Ping, who was sitting with a smile on his face, gently sipping his tea as if he was watching a play, not at all frightened by the sword maneuvers in the room!

When Yuan Baozhong saw Qin Xiaotian’s bitterness, he frowned, and then choked his hands in a spell, and soon a circle of light flooded around him and Zou Zhaolong, just like a big protective shield, surrounding the two of them!

It was a pity that they were all blocked by the protective shield and did not cause the slightest damage to the two men!