Phoenix Among Men Chapter 584

“Oh!” Chen Ping nodded, no wonder Zhao Wuji was so polite to this person, it turned out that he was the secretary of a great leader within Department Six!

You know that in Kyoto, those who could enter Department Six were all people with distinguished status and outstanding merits, and all of them had high and powerful positions!

At this time, Zhao Wuji walked back, and Bai Xiushan asked with some curiosity, “Pavilion Master Zhao, what did the great leader in Department Six invite the big crook for?”

Bai Xiushan’s words caused Zhao Wuji to faintly stare, not reacting for a moment to what the Great Liar was talking about!

After reacting for a while, he then smiled faintly, “Bai Lao, you don’t say, your phrase big liar, is really apt enough, this time what the number one art master in China and Hong Kong, the reputation in Kyoto is considered infamous ……”

“Just that, how dare you call yourself the number one master of magic, in front of Mr. Chen, you are just a jumping clown ……” Bai Xiushan said with a disdainful laugh!

Although Bai Xiushan had the intention of flattering Chen Ping, it was also true that no matter how well that Yuan Baozhong disguised himself, he was still recognized by Chen Ping at a glance!

Zhao Wuji didn’t see the scene where Chen Ping broke down Yuan Baozhong’s deception, so he couldn’t say anything and said with a faint smile, “That said, Yuan Baozhong isn’t just a name, he still has some skills, this time the great leader of Department Six sought him out to treat his son!”

“Isn’t it rumoured that that great leader’s son has long since become a vegetable? As soon as the equipment is withdrawn, the person will be gone, his brain is unconscious.

Bai Xiushan said with some confusion.

“Then who knows, the dead horse will be treated as a living horse!” Zhao Wuji didn’t dare to guess the leader’s meaning!

“Mr. Chen, your medical skills are excellent, why don’t you also go and have a look, if you can really cure this big leader’s son, in the future, if Mr. Chen has any matters in Kyoto, he can also have an additional way ……”

At this moment, Gu Wentian suddenly spoke up!

If he could follow such a big leader to climb up the relationship, Chen Ping could indeed have a lot of convenience in Kyoto in the future, if the big leader really opened his mouth, I’m afraid that the Qin family wouldn’t dare to trouble Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen, so you still know the art of medicine?” Even if Zhao Wuji knew that Chen Ping was a cultivator, not all cultivators knew the art of medicine!

“I know a little bit!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

Zhao Wuji and also Bai Xiushan looked at Chen Ping with a look of intense surprise and shock in their eyes!

Chen Ping had just known the arts and directly demolished that Yuan Baozhong, and now he knew the art of healing, seeing as Chen Ping’s strength was far beyond their imagination!

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll take Mr. Chen on a trip, if we can really cure that great leader’s son, it will be a chance for Mr. Chen!”

Zhao Wuji said with slight excitement!

Chen Ping did not refuse, Chen Ping knew that his future cultivation path would not be smooth, so it would do him no harm to make more friends now, let alone a big leader within Department Six!

Zhao Wuji took Chen Ping straight to the big leader’s house, because of the security needs, so other people did not follow Chen Ping, even if they did, they were afraid that they would not be able to get in at all!

Soon, Zhao Wuji led Chen Ping to a courtyard, which was not very luxuriously decorated, but was extremely well located, with several taller buildings around the courtyard, with people constantly patrolling above!

Chen Ping took a glance and immediately noticed the special features of this courtyard, for it was in the Qian position, and the Qi of heaven and earth all converged towards it, which could nourish one’s body!

It was obvious that this courtyard had been built by a feng shui master, as if a spirit gathering formation had been built in the courtyard, but it was not as advanced as a real spirit gathering formation!