Phoenix Among Men Chapter 615

“Mr. Chen, are you alright?” Looking at Chen Ping that way, Zhao Wuji asked with some concern.

“Oh, nothing, I got drowsy ……,” Chen Ping smiled lightly, then walked towards the five Dali heads of the Miao Village.

The Great Head Li looked at Chen Ping who walked over with a bit of surprise in his eyes, as he did not expect Chen Ping to be so young, looking like he was only in his twenties, but he had such strength.

“You are Chen Ping?”

The Dali head asked at Chen Ping.

“Not bad, the one who killed your puppet worm was me ……”

Chen Ping nodded without hiding his head.

A chill ran through Dali Head’s eyes, he knew that Chen Ping was saying this in order to deliberately anger him, after all, that puppet worm, he had cultivated for more than ten years.

“Kid, I admit that you are very strong, at such a young age, you can reach this kind of strength, it is really rare, it is just a pity that you are too wild, if I let you cultivate for ten years, maybe I am really not your opponent ……”

Dali head said gruffly.

“No need to cultivate for ten years, you are equally no match for me now, you behave yourselves and give up your hands, maybe you can still leave a life ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“Hahahaha, you kid is really arrogant, in that case, then I will kill you first ……”

The Dali head said, suddenly a fist towards Chen Ping, the fist wrapped with a trace of black gas, under the strong wind whistling, that black gas can actually condense but not disperse!

Chen Ping looked at the Dali head attacking him, but he didn’t move at all, he didn’t even make a move to resist, he was planning to resist the punch of the Dali head.

Seeing that Chen Ping was not moving at all, Zhao Wuji panicked a little and hurriedly warned loudly, “Mr. Chen, don’t be careless, their fists carry poisonous gas on them ……”

The black gas wrapped around Dali’s fist was all highly poisonous. Even if a punch could not kill Chen Ping, the poisonous gas on his fist would instantly cause his skin to fester and he would lose his fighting ability if it touched his skin.

However, it was as if Chen Ping had not heard Zhao Wuji’s warning, still standing motionless, which made Dali head somewhat at a loss.

He didn’t know what Chen Ping was up to, was there some kind of trap?

The Dali head’s movements slowed down, carefully from watching Chen Ping, he was afraid that he would fall into Chen Ping’s trap!

“I’m standing still, are you even afraid?”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted as he mocked at Dali Head.

“Seek death ……”

Enraged, the Dali Head’s slowed movements picked up again and his force reached its peak as he tried to finish Chen Ping off with a single punch!

The reason why Chen Ping enraged this Dali Head was to make him exert his full strength, to see just how well his body could resist the attack.

“Mr. Chen …………”

When Zhao Wuji saw that Chen Ping was still not dodging, he hurriedly pulled out a short sword and prepared to step forward to defend Chen Ping against the punch.

“Don’t mind it, just watch ……”

Chen Ping said to Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji really did not know what Chen Ping was going to do, was he confident that he could resist this punch hard?

“Arrogant little boy …………”

The Dali head was utterly furious, and the black Qi on his fist grew thicker and thicker, to the point where the emitted black Qi almost surrounded Chen Ping in the end.

Boom …………

With a dull sound, Chen Ping’s body was directly knocked out by the tremendous force, flying straight out more than ten meters away and finally crashing into a fence wall, collapsing it.

The wall collapsed, burying Chen Ping directly.

Even the Dali head was directly frozen, staring blankly at the collapsed fence in the distance. He had always thought that Chen Ping would have some kind of conspiracy if he stood still, but he never thought that Chen Ping would just really stand still and be sent flying by his own punch, and the Dali head did not even feel a hint of resistance.