Phoenix Among Men Chapter 631

“Nowadays, there are not many young guys like you who can start their own business and make a name for themselves, my boy is about the same age as you, now he is at home all day playing games on his mobile phone and not even looking for a job, this kind of son is really raised for nothing ……”

The taxi driver followed Chen Ping and complained about his son.

Listening to the driver’s complaints, Chen Ping could only smile faintly and did not know what to say, after all, every family has its own difficult scriptures, although Chen Ping now has parents who love him, but he is eager to know who his real parents really are.

Just when the driver was nagging and Chen Ping was silent, suddenly two Land Rovers flew past the taxi, so fast that the taxi master was frightened and hurriedly swerved to one side, almost hitting the hill.

“How do you drive? Are you blind? How can you drive so fast on such a steep mountain road, are you in a hurry to cry?”

The taxi driver rolled down his window and shouted, “You don’t know your last name when you drive a luxury car, like you, you will fall to your death sooner or later ……”

The taxi driver cursed as he drove forward, but the two Land Rovers that had just rushed past suddenly all stopped, and they stopped side by side, directly blocking the entire road.

When the two cars stopped, the driver’s face instantly changed, and with fear in his eyes, he slammed on the brakes.

The driver trembled as he watched several strong men come down from the car, four of them cloaked and ragged, very frightening, he did not expect that he had just casually cursed, the other party had stopped.

The taxi driver knew he couldn’t afford to mess with him, so he hurriedly searched through the car, found a box of cigarettes and took out all the money he had earned today, ready to get out and apologise and talk to the person.

“Hey, this beating today, I’m afraid I can’t get away with it ……”

The taxi driver sighed and opened the door!

Looking at the driver’s appearance, Chen Ping couldn’t help but burst into amusement, just scolding the street, that driver was very arrogant and didn’t look scared at all, now he was scared like this.

“Master, you don’t need to be afraid, these people are looking for me, I’ll just get off from here, you go back ……”

Chen Ping had understood from the moment he saw the car in front of him, after Qin Xiaotian stepped down, that this was looking for his own trouble.

“Looking for you?” The driver master looked at Chen Ping: “Do you have some kind of problem? Young man, I can tell you, a good man will not eat the loss in front of him, no I will call the police for you ……”

Saying that, the driver master took out his mobile phone and prepared to call the police.

“No need, I can handle it myself ……” Chen Ping stopped the taxi driver, calling the police would be of no use to them at all.

Chen Ping took out a pile of money from his pocket, a full 10,000 yuan, and threw himself onto the taxi console, “Master, take the money and go ……”

When the taxi driver saw that Chen Ping had given so much money, he hurriedly waved his hand: “No, no, it’s too much, it’s only been a long way, we haven’t even reached the place yet, so how can we give so much!”

“Take it and leave quickly ……”

Chen Ping opened the car door and stepped down.

The taxi driver hesitated, but turned around and walked away, knowing that these people were existences he could not afford to mess with.

Seeing Chen Ping step down from the taxi, Qin Xiaotian’s eyes were filled with murderous aura as he stared at Chen Ping with a deadly stare, “Chen Ping, you killed my son and are thinking of escaping? Let me tell you, even if you flee to the ends of the earth, I can still catch you ……”

Qin Xiaotian gritted his teeth with a deadly grit, and a strong murderous aura permeated all over his body.