Phoenix Among Men Chapter 646

As soon as they got on the plane, Chen Ping felt a cool feeling, the temperature here was much lower than that of Hongcheng.

Fortunately, Chen Ping was wearing a lot of clothes, otherwise he would have been guilty.

When he left the airport, a Mercedes was waiting at the exit gate, arranged by Zhou Zhiqian.

“Uncle …………”

Next to the car, a young man waved his hand hastily after seeing Zhou Zhiqian.

Zhou Zhiqian led Chen Ping and the others to the car, then introduced them to Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, this is my youngest nephew, the child of my fourth brother’s family ……”

Chen Ping gave a slight nod towards the young man as a greeting.

Chen Ping knew Zhou Zhiqian’s family somewhat, having been introduced to them all on the plane.

He was the eldest of four brothers, and because he was too poor at that time, and because crops did not grow well in the cold Northeast, Zhou Zhiqian went out on his own when he was eighteen.

Later, when he had established himself in Yuncheng, he became a powerful man, but every year he would go back to his hometown because he was in the herb business and there were many herbs in the mountains and forests of the northeast, so he developed his own brothers to work together on herbs.

After so many years, under Zhou Zhiqian’s leadership, the Zhou family was considered a big family in the small local county, and not many of them could drive a Mercedes Benz.

Chen Ping and the others got in the car and soon arrived at a small three-storey villa, this was Zhou Zhiqian’s home, usually Zhou Zhiqian’s fourth brother lived here, and when Zhou Zhiqian came back, he would also stay here.

“Dad …… my eldest uncle has picked up ……”

As soon as the young man entered the door, he shouted to a middle-aged man sitting on the sofa.

This middle-aged man was Zhou Zhiqian’s fourth brother, Zhou Zhicheng, because life had gotten better over the years, Zhou Zhicheng just played cards and drank tea every day, and didn’t care much about the company anymore.

Seeing that his elder brother had returned, Zhou Zhicheng hurriedly got up: “Big brother, why did you come so soon, are you afraid that the 10,000-year ginseng king will be snatched away by others? I have long since followed the Shen family and made a deal to keep it for us, who doesn’t know that you specialize in medicinal herbs in Guanai, nowadays no one can really afford to buy it except our Zhou family ……”

Zhou Zhicheng said with a smug face, now in this area, everyone knows that their old Zhou family started out as a medicinal herb business.

“Zhicheng, hurry up and send someone to arrange some meals, we haven’t eaten yet when we rushed over at noon ……”

Zhou Zhiqian said to Zhou Zhicheng.

Zhou Zhiqian knew that Chen Ping and the others hadn’t eaten since noon, and now that it was dark, Chen Ping and the others must be hungry.

However, Chen Ping had now reached the stage of incorruptibility, so even if he didn’t eat for ten days, he wouldn’t feel hungry, only Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to carry it.

Zhou Zhicheng nodded and hurriedly waved his hand for his son to order cooking, while Zhou Zhicheng pulled Zhou Zhiqian to sit on the sofa, “Big brother, this Shen family doesn’t know the market at all, so when you give the offer, press the price down a bit, and when you get it to Guannai in the offer, we can make a serious profit.”

“Has the Shen family revealed how much money they want to sell?” Zhou Zhiqian asked.

“I have inquired about the rumors, the Shen family wants five billion, but I see that three billion can be taken down, this if we get our hands on it, we can make tens of billion in one turn ……”

Zhou Zhicheng said excitedly.

“Three billion?”

Chen Ping followed by Zhou Zhiqian all stared in surprise.

This was simply too cheap, to know that a thousand year old snow lotus, also worth billions, this ten thousand year old ginseng king, at least ten billion to start with, never thought that three billion would do.

Seeing Zhou Zhiqian’s astonished look, Zhou Zhicheng smiled faintly, “Big brother, I’m not going to hide it from you, if you can find a divine doctor from within the Guan, and cure Shen Wan San, the Shen family head, of his illness, it is estimated that the price can be cheaper ……”