Phoenix Among Men Chapter 648

“Know ah, or I told them the location of the hotel ……”

Zhou Wei nodded his head.

“That’s good, you go tell Old Gun to bring someone to scare those three people, it’s best to scare the three away ……”

Zhou Zhicheng instructed.

“Why ah? Aren’t those three people brought by Big Uncle?” Zhou Wei looked confused.

“I don’t know if your uncle has been drugged with ecstasy, he actually brought outsiders to rob the business, these three people are running for the 10,000 year ginseng king, your uncle wants to give the 10,000 year ginseng king to someone else, this is tens of billions of dollars, how can we give it away, let Old Gun drive these three guys away, when the time comes, we take this 10,000 year ginseng king, when we earn money, I will buy you Porsche ……”

Zhou Zhicheng ambled into Zhou Wei’s ear and whispered.

As soon as Zhou Wei heard the word Porsche, he immediately nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice, “Dad, don’t worry, I’ll definitely get it done ……”

Zhou Wei finished speaking and ran straight out to find that old cannon.

The company’s business is a very important part of the company’s business.

As the Zhou family became more and more prosperous, they often paid Old Gun to look after their shops.

The Shen family started early and is still in the timber business. We all know that logging in the mountains can be hard work, and they all play with their lives, so even Old Gun doesn’t dare to mess with the Shen family.

Chen Ping took Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng around for a while before returning to the inn. The small county was not large, and with the strength of the three of them, they quickly finished their round.

But Chen Ping had just reached the entrance of the inn when they were directly blocked by a group of fierce and fierce men with sticks in their hands.

Chen Ping took a glance at the people in front of him, all of them were ordinary people, not even a single martial artist, so he understood that these guys were just punks.

Chen Ping was too lazy to bother with them and took a step backwards, while Lin Tianhu took a step forward and stood directly in front of the gang.

Lin Tianhu had been an underground emperor for so many years, and he already had the aura of a big brother on his body, so when he stood outwards like this, the guys in front of him all froze when they saw Lin Tianhu, and unconsciously took two steps backwards.

“What are you looking at?”

At this time, among the gang, a man with a big waist and not a single hair on top of his head yelled towards Lin Tianhu.

This man was Old Gun, and seeing his men being scared backwards by Lin Tianhu alone, Old Gun felt ashamed of his face, so he stood out.

“What’s wrong with looking at you?”

Lin Tianhu asked disdainfully.

“Do you know that this is my territory? Now you leave Liaohe at once and don’t let me see you three again, or I’ll break your legs ……”

Old Gun said viciously.

“F*ck, I’ve given you face, dare to play the big sword in front of Lord Guan, when Laozi was in the business, you guys were still P*ssing and playing in the mud ……”

Lin Tianhu, who had never suffered such anger, cursed angrily and intended to make a move.

But at that moment, Chen Ping’s gaze suddenly saw a familiar figure, that was Zhou Zhiqian’s nephew, Zhou Wei, who was hiding behind a big tree, peeking at the situation in front of him.

Although it was now dark and the distance was not close, Chen Ping’s eyesight was obviously different from normal people after he had entered the Purgatory stage, and he spotted Zhou Wei at a glance.

When he saw Zhou Wei, Chen Ping instantly understood everything in his heart, and with a stretch of his hand, he stopped Lin Tianhu, and then said to that old gun, “Big brother, we are new here, we don’t seem to have offended you anywhere, why are you driving us away?”