Phoenix Among Men Chapter 658

The crowd watched in amazement, only to see those herbs burning more and more vigorously, finally turning into a cloud of white smoke, when the smoke dissipated, everyone was surprised to find that on the ground there was a Small Returning Pill!

“This …… has been practiced?”

Zheng Xun’s eyes were wide open and his mouth was so open he could have swallowed an egg.

He hurriedly ran over, picked up the Small Returning Elixir on the ground, looked and smelled it, and after he was sure it was the Small Returning Elixir, Zheng Xun’s entire body was petrified.

The others also looked at Chen Ping like he was a god, they were all ordinary people, where had they seen such tactics.

Even Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng, who had never seen this kind of alchemy before, could not help but feel amazed!

Only the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly, in fact, his real refining of the Little Returning Pill was not like this, and it was also impossible to refine it one by one, he did this only to bluff the Shen family, so that the Shen family would not dare to question him.

“These believe that the Little Returning Pill was refined by me, right?”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“Believe it, believe it ……”

Zheng Xun had an embarra*sed face, originally he wanted to learn it secretly, but only after looking at it did he realize that it was impossible for him to learn it.

The Shen family members were also all embarra*sed at this point, each with a face full of bitter smiles.

“Brother Zhou, Mr. Chen has such divine means, why didn’t you say so earlier ……”

Shen Wanfu said to Zhou Zhiqian.

“I said it, but you guys don’t believe me.”

Zhou Zhiqian said with a helpless face.

At this moment, Shen Wanfu was even more embarra*sed, at first Zhou Zhiqian said that Chen Ping was a divine doctor, they all doubted it, then he said that the Small Returning Pill was made by Chen Ping, they still didn’t believe it, but now they were slapped in the face.

“Mr. Chen, since the Small Returning Pill was refined by you, then you just said that the Small Returning Pill could not cure my father’s illness at all, then how did my father and the others suddenly come to their senses?”

Shen Lang walked forward and asked Chen Ping.

“Your father is not sick, he just has hysteria, that is, a ghost possessed, Xiao Hui Dan has the function of waking up the brain, but it can’t cure hysteria, so your father is not well, the reason why he can be awake and know you is just a coincidence ……”

Chen Ping explained.

Just as Chen Ping finished his words, a sudden roar came from the backyard, followed by the shrieks of the underlings, and before anyone could react, a middle-aged man, wearing pajamas and cloaked in hair, rushed to the front.

“Dad ……”

Shen Lang shouted towards the middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was Shen Wansan, the head of the Shen family.

“You ignorant fellows, you have disturbed my purification and tried to steal my treasures, I will kill you all ……”

Shen Wansan’s face was full of fierceness, his mouth round and open as he roared out.

With Shen Wansan’s roar, a gust of gloomy wind blew through the entire hall, and the temperature inside the room suddenly dropped a lot.

“Ah …………”

Many members of Shen’s family saw this and were so frightened that they wanted to think about me running, only just after running two steps, the door was closed by a gust of gloomy wind.

Looking at this scene, Shen Wanfu was so frightened that he directly shivered, shivering and said, “You …… which way are you a god, we do not know how to disturb you, as long as you let us go, my Shen family will make annual offerings …… ”

Zheng Xun looked at the scene, also frowned, scared legs trembled slightly, although he has seen hysterical patients, but never seen such a horror.

“Hahahaha …… want to make offerings to me, you are not worthy …… yet.”

Shen Wansan laughed loudly and suddenly opened his mouth and spewed out a stream of black gas, the entire room instantly became pitch black inside, scaring the crowd to the point that they kept screaming.

Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng were also a little scared, but they all took out their weapons and stood close to Chen Ping, while that Zhou Zhiqian had long since hidden behind Chen Ping.