Phoenix Among Men Chapter 663

Feeling the gaze of the crowd, Shen Wansan’s face turned red and he lowered his head in embarra*sment.

“You died to protect the nation, but you can’t have so many people killed just because they dug up your bones, that’s a dozen lives ……”

Chen Ping asked.

“Those people didn’t die, they were just trapped inside the mountain forest, just over five hundred meters to the west ……”

The ghost said as he pointed to the west.

As soon as Shen Lang heard that those people were not dead, he hurriedly searched towards the west, and sure enough, soon afterwards, he brought back a dozen of them, only that these people were obviously in a much worse condition after being trapped here for the past few days.

Looking at the people who had returned, Shen Wansan regretted his actions, he should not have been greedy for money and almost got these people killed.

And when Chen Ping saw that the ghost had not really harmed anyone and was a warrior in life, he instantly lost his animosity.

“This 10,000 year old ginseng king does not allow you to take on a human form. Since you died for your countrymen, we should build a monument for you to be buried, so that you can reincarnate in peace ……”

Chen Ping said and looked at Shen Wan San, “Master Shen, this matter started because of your greed for money, are you willing to pay for the construction of a mausoleum for these warriors who gave their lives, and to sweep their graves in sacrifice?”

“I am willing, I am willing …………”

Shen Wansan nodded his head repeatedly and fell straight to his knees, “I am willing to take out money to build a mausoleum at the bottom of the mountain, so that future generations can remember these warriors ……”

Shen Wansan cried bitterly, it could be seen that he really regretted it, all the people of the Shen family also fell to their knees, it was simply a sin for their Shen family to have done such a thing.

Shen Lang being a young man, his face was red from shame, after falling heavily to his knees, Shen Lang said, “Mr. Chen, I will now immediately order people to collect the remains of these warriors, and build the mausoleum within half a month, they have been forgotten by the world for decades, they should not be forgotten anymore, I am willing to guard the mausoleum for them for three years, to atone for my father’s sins …………”

Looking at the attitude of the Shen family, Chen Ping nodded slightly, and then looked at the ghost and said, “Now they are willing to build the mausoleum for you, your merits, the world will remember, you can go to reincarnation without fear, don’t wander around ……”

When the ghost looked at the attitude of the Shen family, a line of blood tears suddenly flowed out and he raised the sky and roared, “Brothers, did you hear that? We have not been forgotten, now we can go in peace ……”

With the ghost’s roar, a burst of response seemed to come from the mid-air, followed by the cloud of black mist dispersing and sunlight shining in and onto the ghost’s body.

The ghost’s figure became fainter and fainter, and at last it slowly disappeared, and peace returned to the woods.

If it weren’t for the corpses and bones all over the ground, and the 10,000-year-old ginseng king, the crowd would have thought they were in a dream.

“Thank you, Mr. Chen, for saving my life ……”

Shen Wansan kowtowed heavily towards Chen Ping.

All of the Shen family members also kowtowed to Chen Ping to thank him, although Chen Ping was not old, but they had seen his skills with their own eyes.

“Shen family head, you have to pay for the sins you have made yourself, you can’t change your mind about what you have promised to do ……”

Chen Ping said to Shen Wansan.

Shen Wansan’s old face flushed, “No, absolutely not, I will immediately find someone to start work now to collect the remains of these warriors ……”

“Shen family master, with the matter settled, let’s talk about the price of this 10,000 year ginseng king, after all, it was you who discovered this ginseng king ……”

Chen Ping was running for the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King, now it was the business to talk about.

The first time Shen Wansan heard this, he quickly waved his hand: “Mr. Chen, if you need it, just take it, I Shen Wansan greedy for money all my life, I have thought about it today, money is just extraneous things, my Shen family’s wealth, even if I spend several lifetimes, I can’t finish it, in the future I want to take out money to build mausoleums in the country, but also to find the families of those warriors, to help them ……”